Citydrive has lowered the threshold for access to carsharing services

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Novice drivers got access to the Russian car sharing Citydrive. Now drivers from 20 years old and with more than a year of experience will be able to use its services. Previously, the service had restrictions: registration required at least two years of experience.

The access threshold has been lowered in all cities where the service is present: in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi. For novice drivers, cars of different comfort classes will be available, with the exception of those that are subject to age restrictions from 23 years old, for example, Tesla electric cars.

During the summer, Citydrive provides a grace period for novice drivers – all tariffs and services for them will be available at current prices. And from autumn, for users with an experience of up to two years, a multiplying coefficient for tariffs and CASCO will begin to operate.

“We are seeing that with the growing popularity of carsharing, users are becoming more responsible, taking the issue of renting and driving a car seriously. Citydrive is a mass service, so we strive to make it more accessible to city dwellers. We are confident that thanks to the innovation, even more people will be able to appreciate the convenience of the service and get a new experience,” said Alexey SergeevCEO of Citydrive.

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