Classic programs in the Microsoft Store are growing 50% faster. We will wait for Android applications in Windows 11

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On the occasion of the annual Big Build Developer Conference, Microsoft boasted that its application catalog inflated faster in at least one aspect. In the first three months of this year, it was added to the Microsoft Store 50% more classic desktop programs including games over the same period last year.

In connection with the release of Windows 11, the Redmonds made another effort to kick-start the catalog, which they have been gradually building since the time of Windows 8. They launched classic programs with their own installer, so Stor becomes just another intermediary channel for installation without having to significantly modify the application stay in the catalog.

However, Microsoft does not share absolute numbers, so we do not know what it is comparing. So we don’t know if the 50% is a real success. The company is now removing the last obstacle to the catalog. Classic Win32 programs no longer have to wait on a special list before they are eventually included in the catalog.

Virtually any program can appear in the catalog in a short time. In addition, you can go to the Store publish directly from Githubwhich has been owned by the software giant since 2018.

Deferred Android apps aren’t coming

One of the Extensions announced last year was supposed to be Android applications. In the end, they announced an “A” in the first issue of Eleven, but testing began a few weeks after the operating system was launched. It was limited to the United States and is changing slowly over time.

Specifically, the Amazon Appstore, which also provides Android applications in Windows 11, adds a significant five to the list of test destinations: the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. It is interesting to see how Microsoft formulates the announcement. He writes that testing in will be allowed until the end of the year.

He does not state whether he means calendar or fiscal year. In the second case, we would be talking about the end of June. The first case, which I consider more likely, would mean a considerable prolongation of the whole development, with the end not yet approaching significantly.

If the project “We run applications from Android in Windows 11” reaches a successful finale in the coming months, it could be officially unveiled to the general public along with Windows 11 version 22H2. Even so, it would be almost a year behind what Microsoft had originally promised.

Promotion of applications in Stor

If you’re adding applications to the Store, you may be interested to know that the Redmonds have announced a Microsoft Store Ads promotional program. The platform is powered by Microsoft Advertising. The new system is supposed to ensure that the right application reaches the right user or user. But this is just an announcement, you will organize any advertising campaigns in a few months at the earliest.

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