Clean air and also clean sound. The Dyson Zone headphones have an air purifier. And it’s not an April Fool’s joke

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American Dyson is known in our country mainly for its cyclone vacuum cleaners, fans without visibly rotating parts or hair dryers, but it also has a very strong position as a manufacturer of air purifiers. And its new unique headphones are aimed at customers who would like to breathe clean air not only at home but also outdoors Dyson Zone.

Futuristic looking Dyson Zone headphones they combine two functions – active suppression of ambient noise and active air purification. In each headphone shell there is a small turbine that sucks in air, which passes through a fine filter, which is to remove 99% of contamination larger than 0.1 micron (dust, pollen, allergens, fumes) – air purification should be two-stage. Subsequently, the cleaned air through the “air curtain” (simply through the muzzle) from both sides leads to the mouth and nose of the owner. Dyson warns that the visor in front of the mouth is not contact, so the owner will not feel discomfort. Therefore, this device cannot be used as a replacement for a respirator against Covid.

Dyson headphones have been developing since 2016when he started working on the concept of personalized air purification. Later, tests of the air purification device combined with headphones with ANC began – you can clearly identify the prototype from 2017 Bose QuietComfort headphones. In the following years, a total of 500 prototypes and the resulting Dyson Zone headphones showcased now.

Click for larger imageIn 6 years, a total of a total of 500 prototypes

Of course, the built-in turbines will produce some noise, the level of filtration should be set automatically, it can be assumed that active noise suppression should also take care of the noise that will logically arise when air flows through the filter in the headphones.

The air curtain that one has in front of one’s mouth will not only fold down under the chin, but should also be fully removable. The headphones can be used purely just for listening to music or handling calls. In conversation mode, the headphones then automatically turn on ambient monitoring and turn off air purification. The sound quality is supposed to be premium, Dyson doesn’t say anything more yet.

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Active air purification should be two-stage

As far as prices are concerned, Dyson does not even state an indicative amount, but given the prices of Dyson products, it can be assumed that the price will definitely not be low. If you are interested in “cleaning” headphones, wait until the fall, when Dyson plans to start selling.

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