Comindware and Promease will simplify the digital transformation of Russian organizations

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Comindware and Promease announced that they have joined forces to provide Russian businesses with the technical ability to automatically build digital twins of processes. The partnership will allow businesses to automatically identify hidden losses in company processes, instantly audit processes for their compliance with the standard, identify and quickly automate implicit business processes – all this will simplify and accelerate their further digital transformation. The partnership of Russian developers will reduce the dependence of business on foreign software.

On the one hand, automation of process audit processes will allow analysts to quickly and efficiently identify hidden losses, test hypotheses, and improve business efficiency. On the other hand, the identification of implicit business processes helps digital transformation activists to generate ideas for process automation and digitalization.

Comindware provides a modern Low-code platform for rapidly building a digital organization, managing business processes, automating and controlling the work of the Comindware Business Application Platform. The product is included in the register of domestic software, is based on a DBMS of Russian origin and helps to solve automation tasks of any scale.

Promise Soft, in turn, will ensure the integration of its solution for extracting and analyzing business processes – Promease – with the Comindware Business Application Platform. The Promease solution, using process mining technologies, helps businesses understand their real processes and their performance problems, prioritize process automation and optimization. Promease is also included in the register of domestic software.

“When choosing the next business process for digitalization, Comindware’s customers relied on the analysis and expert opinion of their employees. Thanks to cooperation with Promiz Soft, they will receive the technical ability, based on the patterns of processes in the event logs, to identify business processes, the automation of which will give the maximum effect to the business,” said Elena Gaidukovaan analyst at Comindware’s Digital Initiatives Group.

“By combining our process identification and analysis technologies with low-code technologies from Comindware, we will provide our customers with the opportunity for a qualitatively new level of digitalization of business processes and succeed in the digital transformation of the enterprise,” noted Konstantin GolokteevGeneral Director of Promiz Soft.

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