Compatibility of Passwork password manager with Astra Linux OS confirmed

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Astra Group tested the performance of the Passwork password manager in the Astra Linux OS environment, which confirmed the full compatibility of the software and the operating system. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Astra Group of Companies.

Passwork is a password manager for business and government companies. The program simplifies password sharing, keeps track of all password actions and changes, and gives administrators full control over user rights. Passwork is the only password manager included in the official register of Russian software, which makes it a priority choice for state-owned companies and business structures that need regular audits of data security and access to them.

For compatibility testing, experts used Passwork version 4.7.9 on a PC running the Astra Linux Special Edition operating system, including 1.7.1 with the Bulletin No. 2021-1126SE17 cumulative security update installed.

The testing program consisted of installing a password manager in the OS, checking its performance, as well as the correctness of removal from the system. It has been established that Passwork is fully compatible with Astra Linux OS, and according to the test results, the product received an official certificate No. 7989 as part of the Ready for Astra Linux vendor technology cooperation program.

“Today, our clients, both large public sector companies and private businesses, are either already using Astra Linux or are switching to it. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to make Passwork compatible with this OS and ensure its stable operation in its environment. We are ready for productive cooperation to achieve our common goal – the development of the Russian IT sector,” said Andrey Pyankovmanaging director of the development company Passwork.

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“Among our clients, there are many organizations for which cybersecurity issues are a priority: these are regional administrations, educational institutions, state corporations, retailers, private financial and industrial companies that need a simple, convenient and effective tool for working with passwords. Passwork has essentially become such an optimal solution, and the certification of its compatibility with Astra Linux actually confirmed this officially,” noted Anton Rudevskyhead of the department for work with partners of Astra Group.


Astra Group of Companies combines independent domestic IT brands, and includes, along with the OS and the Brest virtualization suite, the Termidesk virtual workstation connection manager manufactured by Uveon Cloud Technologies, the RuBackup backup suite created by LLC Rubecap, as well as the WorksPad mobile workplace, the RuPost corporate mail system, the ALD Pro IT infrastructure administration software package, and the physical and virtual infrastructure management platforms from ISPsystem: DCImanager, VMmanager and BILLmanager. Astra Group software products are used in state and commercial organizations, in state corporations and concerns, in industrial enterprises and CII facilities.

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