Computer power supply test Cooler Master XG Plus 650 Platinum. ARGB for effect, diagnostics for punctuality

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Cooler Master comes with purely its own XG Platinum computer sources, which boast not only ARGB effects, but also a display with monitoring.


  • Completely modular cabling

  • Unique ARGB LED info panel

  • Quality workmanship

  • High efficiency


  • Noisier due to non-optimized driving

  • High price

  • Need to put in a cabinet with the source at the top

The new XG Plus power supplies from Cooler Master are especially aimed at users who want to buy a cabinet with a power supply at the top and a transparent side panel. They boast a unique ARGB backlight not only for the fan (8 × LED), but also the inscription and logo on the side, as well as the display showing the current parameters. Of course, there is also a completely detachable cabling or flat cables that are easily stacked – simply the best, which is customary with 80Plus Platinum certified sources. The source has a slightly greater depth of 160 mm, but again it balances this by connecting only the cables you need.

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Even after turning on the lowest power, the source surprised me by the fact that it is not exactly the quietest. At a load of 50W, the measured noise level reached a higher 37.4 dBA and the source was moderately rustled, so you can simply hear it in a normal silent set – the fan speed was 659 rpm according to the display. At higher loads, they increased to 718 rpm and remained at this value all the time, including the maximum 650W load.

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The source rustled moderately loud (38.2 dBA) at any power consumption. However, after connecting to the computer’s USB port and running the MasterPlus + program, which takes up 350 MB of disk space, you will find that even if the manufacturer declares the possibility of influencing the fan speed, you will not find anything like that here. You can only change the colors and effects of the addressable RGB LEDs and choose what to display on the side display. You can select the temperature, fan speed or consumption, or these values ​​will be switched. Of course, there is also the possibility of completely turning off the ARGB LED.

However, it is highly probable that the Cooler Master fan speed adder will add a tab over time, after all, this source has been on the market for a very short time. This makes it unnecessarily noisy, while competing sources manage to cool up to two thirds of the maximum load completely passively. The measured temperatures inside the source between 28 and 42 ° C also correspond to this. It deserves praise for its excellent efficiency, usually over 90%, at the lowest 50W, but also higher 100W load, but it could still be higher than the measured 78.5 and 86%.

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In addition, the display and lighting take an additional 1.25 W. The power supply also provides low ripple and fairly accurate output voltages up to + 3.3V, which at maximum load got slightly out of tolerance with a voltage of 3.11V. Overall, this is a high-quality power supply with Japanese capacitors, rich cabling and unique extra effects, you just have to wait for its quiet operation before the updated firmware or software comes out.

Cooler Master XG Plus 650 Platinum

A unique source with a display and high efficiency, but also higher noise, which the manufacturer will certainly solve in the future.


model designation: MPG-6501-AFBAP-XEU total power supply: 650 W power supply branches: + 3.3V (20 A), + 5V (20 A), + 12V (54.1 A), + 5Vsb (3 A) effectiveness certificate: 80Plus Platinum detachable cables: all cable braiding: all flat cable composition and length: 1 × power supply 20 + 4pin (63 cm), 2 × CPU 4 + 4pin (65 cm), 4 × PCI-E 6 + 2pin (54 and 66 cm, on two eight-core cables), 4 × molex (50, 62, 74 and 86 cm, on one cable), 8 × SATA (2 × 51, 2 × 63, 2 × 75 cm and 2 × 88 cm, on two cables), USB connection to the motherboard ventilator: 135 mm with ARGB lighting PFC: active specialities: ARGB lighting and display showing current consumption, temperature and speed dimensions: 150 x 86 x 160 mm accessories: screws, power cable, 7 × cable tie, 3 × Velcro tape, cable case, power supply case guarantee: 10 years

Price comparison

  • Be quiet! Pure Power 11 FM 650W – 2 600 CZK
  • Fractal Ion + 2 Platinum 760W – 4 190 CZK
  • Cooler Master XG Plus 650 Platinum – CZK 4,200

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