Concern “NTS” implemented in Indonesia a project of automatic weight and size control on the roads

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Kazan Telematics together with Softtelematics (part of the National Telematic Systems concern) launched a project of automatic weight and dimension control (ASVGK) of freight transport in Indonesia. The system is already collecting statistics of violations, which will help the country’s authorities to form the necessary regulatory framework and successfully implement the national program to combat overloaded vehicles.

The ASVGK post was installed at the 80th kilometer of the Jakarta-Merak toll road and became the first project in Indonesia for weight and size control in high-speed traffic. Before being put into operation, the development of the NTS passed the necessary metrological certification and the primary verification procedure, during which it confirmed compliance with the requirements of international standards.

“Indonesian authorities have set a goal by 2023 to completely get rid of the problem of overloaded and oversized transport. During operation, the complex recorded that up to 40% of trucks exceed the permitted weight, while the average overload is 57%, that is, the issue of the frequency of violations is really acute. Our development is one of the most accurate in the world: the error in determining the mass of vehicles does not exceed 2%, and the recognition of Indonesian license plates is over 98%. Determining the dimensions of the transport also meets the certification requirements,” said the general director of the Kazan Telematics company (part of the NTS concern) Marcel Nigmetzyanov.

The automatic weight and dimensional control post has a modular system and includes equipment for determining the mass of vehicles, their dimensions, means for photographing and recognizing state registration plates, video surveillance, a board informing drivers about the presence of a violation, etc. Taking into account the hot and humid climate, the task was successfully solved effective cooling of the systems of the complex. The solution is adapted to local characteristics and is able to recognize car brands and modifications peculiar only to the Asian region, to determine both ordinary car numbers and those made in a handicraft way.

Another distinctive feature of the complex is the monitoring and self-diagnostics system, which allows timely detection of damages, breakdowns, monitoring of temperature and humidity in cabinets, measuring asphalt heating, as well as signaling unauthorized access to equipment.

“The concern’s solution can fully solve the problem of controlling overloaded vehicles in the Republic of Indonesia, improve road safety and reduce the cost of repairing highways. It easily adapts to regional characteristics and different climatic conditions of other countries. The implemented project successfully demonstrates the capabilities of Russian technologies in the field of control of weight and size violations on the roads for international markets. Such systems are especially relevant for Southeast Asia, whose roads are characterized by high traffic density and a significant number of violations,” said Alexander BondarenkoGeneral Director of NTS International.

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