Connecting a virtual SIM-card “GPB mobile” became available in Volgograd

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The mobile operator GPB Mobile launches the ability to connect via a virtual SIM card on devices with eSIM technology in the regions. Now this option is available to residents of Volgograd and the Volgograd region. This was reported to CNews by representatives of GPB Mobile.

From June 15, 2022, you can connect to GPB Mobile via eSIM at service offices in Volgograd and the region, as well as order an eSIM at home on the operator’s website. Connection to the services occurs after the conclusion of the contract for the provision of communication services by scanning a QR code. Using a QR code, a subscriber can install operator settings on a virtual SIM card.

Nina Cyrulik, General Director of GPB Mobile, previously shared the operator’s plans to launch the ability to connect to communication services using eSIM technology in new regions. She also said that the operator is considering the possibility of remotely concluding a contract for mobile services in the GPB mobile application.

eSIM is a virtual SIM card that is built into your phone. With it, the subscriber can use several numbers at once, even if his phone does not support two SIM-cards. The technology is convenient and safe: eSIM can be used simultaneously with a plastic SIM card with different numbers and tariffs on the same device, it cannot be lost or broken, and the data on it is protected by a smartphone lock. The technology is supported by most modern phone models. The list of phone models that support eSIM can be found on the GPB Mobile website.

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For subscribers who connect to GPB Mobile via eSIM, all the operator’s tariffs and bonuses are available: doubling the tariff package in the first month after connection and 1,000 bonus rubles to a mobile account for switching with their number.

In case of switching to GPB Mobile eSIM with its own number, the subscriber will need to obtain a SIM card or an eSIM from the operator with a temporary number. The number porting process will take no more than eight days, after which the subscriber will be able to use the eSIM of the GPB mobile operator and receive 1000 rubles. for the transition with your number.

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