CONSULTANCY: How to WhatsApp and a new SIM card

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Good day,when you get a new SIM with the original phone number, if you insert it into the original phone, WhatsApp should start up normally and work as before, including history and all contacts. In fact, you should not notice any change after connecting your phone to the Internet, because the account is tied to a phone number, not a SIM card.If WhatsApp does not start on your mobile phone, or if you use a new phone, you will be asked to verify your phone number. This is done by the operator sending an SMS to the given telephone number with a six-digit code, which you enter into the WhatsApp application (or it will “overwrite” itself in the dialog box if the application has allowed access to the SMS).As for computer usage, you will most likely need to re-pair it with that account. In this case, the desktop or web application will display the QR code, which must be scanned using the WhatsApp application on the phone.Specifically, you will find this option under the three dots in the upper right corner, where you go to Settings. Here, click on the QR code icon in the upper right corner and switch to the Scan Code section. Finally, scan the device’s QR code from the computer screen. This should re-pair the PC with your WhatsApp account.Have a nice dayKarel KiliánŽivě.cz

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