CorpSoft24 implemented EDMS for pharmaceutical distributor “Lancet”

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CorpSoft24 automated the workflow of the distributor of medicines JSC “Lancet” on the basis of “1C”. As a result of the project, the customer managed to partially abandon paper workflow, reduce costs and increase the speed of business processes. This was reported to CNews by representatives of CorpSoft24.

JSC “Lancet” is a distributor of medicines, one of the leaders in the Russian pharmaceutical market. Lancet supplies the market with drugs and consumables for antithrombotic therapy, pulmonology, anesthesiology, oncology and other vital medical areas.

The company’s activity is connected with interaction with a large number of international suppliers, and is also regulated by the requirements of Russian legislation. In this regard, the Lancet has a rather complicated workflow, which needed to be automated using modern technologies.

The old electronic document management system (EDMS) eventually ceased to meet the requirements of the company. A transition to a more functional EDMS was required – “1C: Document Management CORP”, version 2.1, was chosen.

“The key needs were related to the processes of coordination and processing of accounting and contractual documentation, and the issue of checking the due diligence of counterparties was a separate issue. In addition, all this had to work on a single core, and the electronic archive had to solve the issues of centralized storage of documentation and quick search for the necessary documents in the archive,” said Sergey BykovIT Director of Lancet JSC.

CorpSoft24 specialists completed the design, development, implementation of a new EDMS, and also implemented support for the solution at the stage of pilot operation for more than 50 days. In addition, seamless integration with the 1C: Holding Management 8 accounting system and the exchange of directories and documents with 1C: Trade and Warehouse was provided.

During the project, processing routes for 50 types of contractual documents were set up. About 30 directories and registers are involved to provide the functions of the subsystems. More than 500 Lancet employees work in the new EDMS.

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“Migration to a new workflow platform already in the first weeks provided a significant effect for the business of the customer company: the cost of coordinating documents has decreased, documents have become easier to find, and the discipline of employees has increased. In addition, the Lancet managed to partially abandon the paper workflow, ”said Dmitry PuchkovDeputy CEO of CorpSoft24.

According to him, the development of the project will be continued.


CorpSoft24 is an IT ecosystem that allows businesses to receive non-core cloud infrastructure services, implementation and maintenance of 1C products, information security services in one window. Since 2009, the company has been providing a full range of cloud services based on the IaaS and SaaS models. Since 2014, the company has been developing the direction of methodology and automation of business processes based on the 1C platform. Since 2019, CorpSoft24 has been a developer of software for information security systems and performance management of employees and companies using biometric identification and artificial intelligence.

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