Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V on steroids. We have selected the best programs for advanced mailbox work

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Every computer user knows the famous combination of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. However, not everyone knows that the mailbox can function as a multiple tray, which can significantly speed up work in many cases.

The system mailbox is a computer user’s best friend, and increasingly a mobile phone and tablet. Accelerates work with text, files, graphics, video or pieces of source code.

In most cases, however, users only know and use one clipboard position: what is copied is pasted. When you want to paste another piece of text, you must return to the original program, re-mark the text, copy it again, switch back, and paste.

We do not claim that this use is the daily bread of most users, but for many activities it can be delaying. There is a more efficient solution: a box that can hold multiple items at once. Multiple press Ctrl + C items are stored in the tray, which can then be pressed successively Ctrl + V insert elsewhere. In our test of copying parts of the text between two windows of the document, we saved about a third of the time, and the error rate was reduced. Constantly switching windows and searching for texts requires many times more attention. You can increase efficiency even if you use two windows next to each other or two monitors. You don’t have to look back and forth with every item you copy.

Basic programs only offer saving multiple items to the clipboard. But the advanced ones add interesting features, such as cloud-based mailbox synchronization. Whatever you save to the clipboard on your computer is immediately available in the clipboard on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Clipboard differences in Windows and macOS

The basic difference between the systems is in the abbreviations used: while on Windows it is experienced Ctrl + C / Von macOS this role is performed by the key Cmd closely adjacent to the space bar. At least that C and IN are identical.

Function Cut out (Cut) do not differ across systems when working with text: pressing Ctrl whose Cmd + X the selected text is deleted immediately. If you do not have a program with a clipboard history, then the next time you save another text in the clipboard, you will lose the previous one – this happens inadvertently.

When working with files, the function Cut out slightly different. Windows retains the shortcut Ctrl + X for removal and Ctrl + V for insertion. MacOS works differently: you just copy the file you want to cut with Cmd + Cbut use the shortcut to insert Cmd + Option + V. This will delete the file from its original location. In Apple’s ecosystem, mailbox sharing between computers, phones and tablets works, you just need to be logged in with the same Apple ID everywhere and have the Handoff function turned on.

Virtual papers can be another useful feature: let’s say you often enter identical pieces of text, such as addresses, IDs, or bank account numbers, in e-mail communications. You can have them stored in a second document, for example, and copy them from there, but they can also be quickly available within the clipboard extension program. By saving the most frequently used parts of the text in this way, you will speed up your work considerably.

However, the programs also offer other functions, such as clearing text copied from Word or the Internet from formatting and pasting it as plain text. It allows you to set the size of the “tray”, ie the number of items to keep, or it can delete an item from the clipboard immediately after insertion.

For even greater efficiency, choose programs that support keyboard shortcuts and learn how to use them. It is these that greatly speed up the work of copying and especially pasting, whether temporary items or permanent ones.

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