Customers across the country will be able to order delivery of goods from more than 3,500 grocery stores on Yandex Market

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With the help of Yandex Market, residents of different regions of Russia can now order goods in grocery stores and receive them with delivery. To do this, the service began to show offers from Yandex Food partner stores, with which it launched such a delivery. In 2021, Market has already tested the service in Kazan, and now it has expanded its operation to more than 3,500 stores across the country. This benefits both buyers and retailers: for the former, the range of products on the Market has grown 1.5 times, while the latter have gained access to the service’s multi-million audience.

“Market” helps to order goods in grocery stores in all cities of Russia where there are partners of “Yandex food”. Among them are Azbuka Vkusa, Vkusvill, Lenta, Magnet, Verny, Globus, etc. Their products can be viewed on the main page of the marketplace or in the Products section on the website and in the app.

Different stores may have different prices for similar goods – for example, drinking water, cheese, cookies. To help the customer choose products at the best prices, the Market will help you compare the prices of similar products in different stores. And on the service, you can immediately see the delivery times – they can also differ for different retailers.

The products ordered on the Market from the stores are helped by couriers-partners of Yandex Food. The price of delivery depends on several factors – including the cost of the purchase, the distance between the store and the recipient, the workload of couriers in a particular area. If you spend more than a certain amount on an order, it will be delivered free of charge. The promo code will apply to your first order.

The launch of delivery from grocery stores throughout the country is the next step of the Market in the development of online sales of consumer goods. In 2021, the marketplace, together with Lavka, began delivering products in some regions of the country, which takes from 10 minutes for the service. Now Market has combined several types of product delivery in its application, which will be useful for customers in a variety of situations. For example, you can order goods with fast delivery from dark stores near your home, stock up for future use, or place an order in a familiar supermarket. Along with the products on the Market, you can buy other goods, such as medicines, and get them with express delivery in one to two hours.


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Yandex is developing online trading in consumer goods as a single area that covers the relevant categories of goods on the Market, the assortment of Lavka and the retail of Eda. The turnover of this entire area in the first quarter of 2022 reached 20.5 billion rubles. For comparison, for the whole of 2021, this figure amounted to 24 billion rubles. Today, everyday goods account for about a third of all sales on Yandex’s e-commerce services.

Yandex Market is a shopping service that sells more than 30 million products. It helps to order everything you need: from a new model smartphone to a children’s designer. The service can take over the processing, delivery of orders and communication with customers. You can buy goods on the marketplace on its website and in the application for Android or iOS, as well as in the Yandex Go application – in the “Market Express” section.

Yandex Food is a service for ordering food from restaurants and grocery stores. 39 thousand establishments in 186 cities work with it. The service is developing not only in Russia, but also in Kazakhstan, as well as in Belarus. You can order food at and in the Yandex, Food, Go apps for iOS or Android. The average delivery time for an order in Moscow is 32 minutes.

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