Czech eM Client 9 improves Gmail support and added reasons to pay for it

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Yesterday, eM Client 9, a new version of the Czech mail application for computers, was released. The e-mail client is already available for Windows. The macOS version will arrive in a few days and will also bring a native version for Apple M1 chips and S / MIME certificate support. The creators do not have an application for Linux and are not even planning it yet.

What can users look forward to? They are a handy feature quick filters used to display messages with a flag, attachment, label, electronic signature or other parameters. Newly, they are also among them tracking pixels whose commentwhich can be added to messages for later processing.

They now appear in the inbox panel, following the example of competing applications sender avatars and can be turned on three-line message preview. Emails and attachments themselves are now easier resend to other addressees. He also added dark / light mode switchwhich allows the application to remain dark, but the messages themselves will be light or dark at will and readability.

The authors also worked hard for better support for Gmail, Office 365 and Exchange. He already knows how to use their servers sync labels (including colors) and signatures. Gmail then finally syncs mail sorting filters.

eM Client 9 also adds new features available only to paid accounts. They are protection against tracking pixelsmodified display threadsalready mentioned email notes and the possibility has also been added cancel the sent messagefor which users have a maximum of 10 seconds.

The creators then updated the non-postal functions. They reworked the XMPP huts and task list. The calendar is then understood by other online meeting providers: Webex by Cisco, Meetn, GoToMeeting and IceWarp.

eM Client 9 is available for free for non-commercial use. The Pro version, which also supports more than two accounts and contains over ten bonus features, costs CZK 899. The upgrade from the previous version is for 549 CZK, but it is possible to buy lifetime updates for 1400 CZK. The creators also release new functions on an ongoing basis, so before the paid “dozens” arrive, there will also be free updates such as eM Client 9.1, etc.

A complete list of news can be found in the second chapter…

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