D-Link EAGLE PRO AI: Más a medida imposible

D-Link EAGLE PRO AI: More tailor-made impossible

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Solutions like D-Link EAGLE PRO AI are the perfect solution for those users who want to deploy a WiFi Mesh network in your home or other small to medium-sized spaces, in order to forget about connectivity problems at certain points in it, to avoid problems with devices that do not “jump” from one access point to another (so-called sticky clients) and, in general, to enjoy a much more homogeneous coverage.

If you don’t know what WiFi Mesh consists of, before talking about D-Link EAGLE PRO AI, let’s take a moment to clarify it, although by its name you will surely have already got an idea, since mesh is mesh in English. Thus, what proposals like this D-Link EAGLE PRO AI offer us is form a structure of several access points of different types strategically distributedso that they can interconnect with each other and extend network coverage to all the space we want it to reach.

It is important, yes. clarify that a WiFi Mesh network is not the same as using a router with WiFi extenders. The main difference, although not the only one, is that in this type of infrastructure each device acts independently, so it is the device that has to manage the jump from one to another in each case. With WiFi Mesh, it is the network itself that manages which access point each device must connect to at any given time. And these changes are transparent to it, since the entire infrastructure is identified as a single large access point.

D-Link EAGLE PRO AI: More tailor-made impossible

The problem, until now, was due to the fact that WiFi Mesh solutions were “closed” packs, which tried to adapt (with greater or lesser success) to general needs. Now, with D-Link EAGLE PRO AI, this manufacturer offers a solution that best suits what is necessary for each circumstancebecause it offers the components that we usually find in the kits independently, so that we can choose and buy just the ones we need.

Thus, the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI family is made up of the following elements:

  • D Link R15: 1,500 Mbps Wi-Fi 6 router with 1 Gigabit WAN port and 3 Gigabit LAN ports.
  • D Link M15-2: Kit of 2 Wi-Fi 6 desktop nodes at 1500 Mbps.
  • D Link M15-3: Kit of 2 Wi-Fi 6 desktop nodes at 1500 Mbps.
  • D Link E15: 1500 Mbps Wi-Fi 6 Plug-in Wall Extender.

So, as you can check, Designing a Wi-Fi Mesh infrastructure is much easierbecause after analyzing the area to be covered and determining the elements that should make it up, we will be able to buy just what we need, be it just a router and two desktop nodes or a much larger network, also made up of plug-in extenders.

D-Link EAGLE PRO AI: More tailor-made impossible

In addition, as you may have guessed from its name, the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI family is very active in supporting artificial intelligence, with four notable features:

  • AI Mesh Optimizer: Once the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI network components are installed, this function is responsible for creating the mesh network and learns the position of the components. In this way, the connection management of the devices will be optimized, providing better connectivity at all times..
  • AI Wi-Fi Optimizer: To avoid the saturation of specific points of the spectrum, the devices analyze the use of the same to determine which channels are the least saturated, connecting the devices to them. With this, not only the most congested ranges are avoided, but load balancing is also carried out to optimize the use of the entire spectrum..
  • AI Traffic Optimizer: Function designed to optimize each of the connections based on its real needs (speed and volume of traffic), thanks to its advanced QoS solution.
  • AI Parental Controls: Smart parental control system, which allows, at the device level, to manage connection time and Internet access schedules.

To facilitate the management of the elements of D-Link EAGLE PRO AI, the manufacturer offers a free app, with the same name, and available for both iOS and Android, which offers full and advanced access and control of the infrastructure.

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