Dark mode still nowhere, but painting in Windows 11 is undergoing design adjustments

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The quest for a unified design in Windows can only be seen with the Eleven after many years. The first version has its weaknesses, but Microsoft is working hard to address at least the most pressing shortcomings. He also gets to Painting.

Although the concept has not changed, between Painting in Windows 10 and Painting in Windows 11 visually there is a significant difference. The basic environment underwent a facelift last year at the time of launching the new operating system. The author team did not forget the Mica material and combined the headings with commands.

More Fluent design

Although Painting seemed to match other applications tailored to the Eleven, the impression was marred by the old dialog boxes. As Windows Latest noticed, Microsoft partially fixed it. According to the design rules, Windows 11 redesigned the dialogs as Resize and distort and Adjust colors. The image properties window remains from another time.

Paint yourself for now it seems like a dark regimewhich is no less important in terms of consistency. In addition, the Redmonds de facto promised him last summer. We will almost certainly see, we just don’t know when. But back to the current issue. Windows Latest states that Microsoft has also fixed a number of bugs, including incorrect localization of some dialogs.

When you hold down Shift and click the palette, the selected color is used as the secondary. She is said to have improved as well screen reader support. Although the magazine is not mistaken, I’m not sure where it draws from. The painting in the Eleven is updated via the Store and the described changes are currently distributed to stable installations.

Week Live on Improving Consistency in Windows 11:

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