Data roaming tip for a few crowns. Thanks to eSIM, you can handle everything online

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Within the EU, we can call and date at home. However, all you have to do is travel to Switzerland and data in particular can be significantly more expensive. Fortunately, there is a solution.

A smart phone without an internet is half that. Especially on the road. In the EU, we have data almost at home, outside the EU, data roaming prices are rising sharply. The solution is basically twofold: After arriving in a foreign country, you buy a prepaid card with a local tariff (they are usually more advantageous than with us).

You will have an even easier life with a mobile phone that supports the integrated eSIM card, which replaces the plastic one inside your phone. Only one eSIM can be active at a time, but you can easily switch eSIM when traveling between countries, so always use the advantageous local tariff. The fundamental problem is that while Dual SIM phones are even the cheapest, eSIM support remains the domain of more expensive models. Expect the second, physical SIM to be deactivated when eSIM is activated.

How about Airalo’s service is a great service that takes advantage of eSIM. You can register directly on the website (by e-mail, or more conveniently via Facebook or Google accounts) and download mobile applications for iPhone or Android. The application supports more than 190 countries, and mainly will speak to you for the most part Czech.

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