“Daughter” of “1C” twice brought down the price of creation of IP for the Pension Fund on Linux and PostgreSQL

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The contractor of the Pension Fund in the project of creating a Unified information system for automation of administrative and economic activities was the “daughter” of the company “1C”. At the tender, she almost halved the price of the lot, but the competition implies the conclusion of a contract at its maximum price with an increase in the scope of work.

The triumph of the state customer

As CNews found out, the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR), in the course of creating the Unified Information System for Automation of Administrative and Economic Activities, will be able to receive significantly more services from its contractor than it could have expected.

During the tender held in the format of an open electronic competition, the sum of the prices of the so-called units of goods, work, services was reduced by one of the applicants for the contract from 804.5 million rubles. to 440 million rubles, i.e. 1.83 times.

At the same time, judging by the data of the public procurement website, an agreement with the winner will be concluded for the maximum value of the price of the state contract, set at the level of 1.16 billion rubles. It is obvious that with this money the contractor will carry out more work than if he did not reduce the price of the lot. The tender documentation provides for such a possibility.

In particular, it contains the positions “Creating/modifying database metadata: the number of created/changed fields is over 200 units”, “Creating/changing the printed/on-screen form of information output: the number of created/changed elements is over 100 elements”, etc.


The PFR contractor in the creation of the billionth IP was the “daughter” of “1C”

Now the contract is at the stage of signing by the supplier. This supplier should be Scientific and Production Center 1C LLC (NPC 1C). It was registered in 2004 and is 100% owned by 1C CJSC, whose director is Boris Nuraliev
– Head of the company “1C”.

One unnamed company in open documents tried to compete with the NPC in the tender. She did not reduce the initial price of the lot.

Tender slippage

During the tender for the PFR, a complaint was filed with the Federal Antimonopoly Service by Budget and Financial Technologies LLC, due to which the procedure for determining the supplier was suspended.

From the point of view of the applicant, the customer improperly formed the description of the procurement object, established the procedure for evaluating the bids of the procurement participants, established the requirements for the content of the application for participation in the tender, and also established in the notification the requirement that the procurement participant be absent from the register of unscrupulous suppliers “in an outdated version of the law on contract system.

As a result of the proceedings, the FAS recognized the complaint as partially substantiated and ordered the FIU to correct the annex to the contract.

Appointment of a new information system

In this project, the PFR acts as the official state customer of the new information system, while among its functional customers are the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (Ministry of Labor), which coordinates the activities of the PFR, the Social Insurance Fund (FSS), the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Federal Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise” Ministry of Labor, etc. The system must be created no later than March 31, 2024.

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According to tender documents, the system is designed to automate work with state non-budgetary funds coordinated by the Ministry of Labor. It will completely abandon paper documents and switch to electronic internal document management.

The system will include the subsystems “Accounting”, “Budgeting”, “Personnel Accounting”, “Procurement Management” and “Property Management”. With the help of subsystems, the calculation of salaries, the formation of budgets, the activities of personnel services and the automation of the procurement activities of the Ministry of Labor will be automated.

The terms of reference note that in order to effectively use budget funds and reduce risks during the implementation of the system, it is planned to use the application software already operating in the PFR and the FSS.

Technical details

From the terms of reference it follows that the products of “1C” PFR are well known. At the moment, it is on them that the current automation of the administrative and economic activities of the fund is carried out in terms of performing typical supporting functions in the areas of accounting. At the same time, the Budget Planning and Reporting subsystem is implemented on the basis of Oracle Hyperion Planning.

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The tender documents set a ban on the admission of software originating from foreign countries. When designing a system, only freely distributed or domestic software should be used, follows from the terms of reference. The system will have to work on the basis of the Linux operating system and the Postgres Pro Enterprise DBMS of the Russian company Postgres Professional.

The system will function on the state unified cloud platform “Gosoblako”, therefore, the acquisition, installation and commissioning of hardware, system and basic software for the system is not provided.

The number of users of the system will be 150 thousand people.

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