death of a youtuber

death of a youtuber

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The death of a youtuber may seem, at first, something of the most normal in the world, because in the end it is that and no other destiny that we all share. So what’s so special about the death of a YouTuber? What is it that makes it something noteworthy, even newsworthy? Why am I writing (and you are reading) about the death of a youtuber?

Let’s start by naming it. The deceased youtuber called himself Technoblade, although his real name was Alex, and he created Minecraft content for his community of more than 12.8 million followers. It is true that during the times he hardly published videos anymore, but of course, facing cancer is a full-time job. A job that ended tragically with the death of Alex a few days ago. He was 23 years old.

As a farewell to his community, Techoblade recorded and uploaded a video to his channel, a video in which, in short, he thanked for everything and he was happy for the life he was leading. An exercise in shared reflection, taking advantage of the properties of the platform on which he has been able, for years, to do what he liked the most and turn it into a profession. Something truly enviable.

If you are curious about Technoblade’s farewell video, in which his parents also participate, you can watch it below:

But back to the original question. Despite Technoblade being a celebrity in the Minecraft community, Is the death of a youtuber news? Well, I think that’s the most remarkable thing, yes. In the same way that the deaths of musicians, actors, celebrities, and people who have done remarkable work have been in the news for a long time, popular content creators are joining the same bandwagon.

For the older ones, and especially for those who are not particularly attracted to the modern ecosystem of content creators, youtubers, streamers, etc., this can almost be an offense. Dedicate an obituary to a person who uploaded Minecraft videos to YouTube when a few weeks ago we did it with Vangelis, Andrew Fletcher, Dave Smith, Bernie Stolar, etc. It is, however, a recognition that, more or less with us, we are talking about public figures who have managed to earn their space… and it is a very large space.

Alex’s case is quite special, since we are talking about a very young person. Dying at the age of 23 is almost something against nature. Today, content creators are quite young (some have already reached 40, but with few exceptions they are the oldest in the sector), so it is expected that all of them will still live for quite a few years. However, cases like that of Technoblade, the youtuber who has left us, they are the first of something that, in the medium and long term, will happen more frequently.

What is special about the death of a youtuber? For some, who did not know him, probably nothing. For your community, undoubtedly a lot. And yet, that media like The Verge echo it, It is a sign for both that, whether or not we follow this type of content, whether we are 20, 40 or 60 years old, the “new” (they are less and less new, actually) creators are already part of the ecosystem of communication, of celebrities and, therefore, therefore, also of the obituaries. A milestone as unpleasant as indisputable.

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