Diablo Immortal has a crazy microtransaction policy. Exploding a character will cost you thousands of dollars

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Blizzard continues its uncompromising move through the monetization system.

We are somehow used to the fact that there are often microtransactions in mobile games. Sometimes they are invisible, sometimes annoying. But Blizzard is apparently continuing its campaign against the fans, and in its latest mobile title, Diablo Immortal, it presents a business model that is already a bit over the line.

According to the latest statistics and analysis of the premium currency in the game, the progress of the game and other essentials, players will not be able to get their characters to the maximum level at the moment without the help of some of those giggles. And it’s not just a few crowns. If you want to get at least one of your characters to the maximum level after reaching the end-game content, prepare $ 110,000, ie just over 2.5 million crowns.

In addition, the system is currently linked to lootboxes, so without payment, the player simply does not get beyond a certain limit in the game. In addition, the game is constantly adding new payment methods, currencies and other systems that force players to spend more and more.

At this moment, solid chaos has unleashed the players and the players are completely boycotting the game. You can look forward to our review in the coming days.

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