Diasoft and SpectrumData will help banks quickly obtain data to solve a wide range of business tasks

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Diasoft and SpectrumData have developed a joint solution to provide credit institutions with the data they need to implement a wide range of business tasks. Representatives of Diasoft reported this to CNews

SpectrumData is a data-driven services provider that provides reliable information about individuals, businesses, vehicles and properties from over 100 sources. Diasoft has created a solution that allows you to automatically receive the necessary information from SpectrumData and integrate it into end-to-end business processes of the organization.

Among the already implemented joint cases is the project for the implementation of the product “Information about the vehicle. API Autocode” in a large Russian bank. The product allows you to automate the receipt of data on vehicles (V) from the Autocode service from SpectrumData and their loading into the back-office systems of a credit institution. Information about the vehicle is used by the bank when issuing secured loans when cars are collateral. Also, data on the vehicle is loaded into reporting form 0409310 “Information on collateral accepted by credit institutions as collateral for loans”, which the credit institution submits to the Bank of Russia on a monthly basis. Upon request, information is automatically uploaded to the bank’s IT system, the entire process takes no more than 20 seconds.

Another example is the implementation of a project to automatically upload analytical reports to the bank’s IT systems in order to verify real estate accepted as collateral.

Alexey Efimov, Head of the Public Services product at Diasoft: “The joint solution allows credit institutions to reduce labor costs for independent processing, verification and loading of data, eliminate the use of erroneous information and related business risks. In the process of implementing and configuring the solution, Diasoft specialists adapt its functionality to individual business needs or the specifics of the IT systems used in the bank.”

The solution was developed in microservice architecture and can be integrated into any IT landscape of a credit institution. It can be used both in combination with Diasoft products and solutions from other vendors.

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Alexander Larin, Key Account Manager at SpectrumData: “The information provided by SpectrumData is used by banks to assess the creditworthiness and solvency of borrowers, verify collateral, prevent fraud, monitor lending facilities and for many other purposes. Our joint project with Diasoft will allow banks to automate the receipt of the necessary information and its correct integration into business processes.”


SpectrumData is an IT company that has been collecting, processing and analyzing data since 2010 using the principles and technologies of Data mining and Big data and developing b2b and b2c solutions based on data about cars, individuals, organizations and real estate.

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