difficult times are ahead for the platform

difficult times are ahead for the platform

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Netflix used to be cool. As simple as that. The on-demand content platform offered a top catalog, with all kinds of movies, series and documentaries so you wouldn’t be short of options. And the truth is that I have enjoyed this VOD platform for years, but today it no longer compensates me to continue paying. Or at least, it won’t at the end of the year, when I can no longer share my Netflix account.

Before continuing, say that this article is my own opinion, so I fully understand that you may disagree with some or all of the points I make. I invite you to give your opinion in the comments.

It should be remembered that when Netflix arrived in Spain it had 10,000 titles of movies and series, while its main rivals, Wuaky (5,000 movies and series) and Filmin (7,220 titles) were far behind. With this, from when Netflix announced its arrival in Spain for 2015, I did not hesitate to bet on its services.

Netflix’s catalog was impressive and at a fair price

I don’t remember the exact moment when I started sharing my Netflix account with friends, but it didn’t take long. ANDBetween four of us we paid 3 euros a month to enjoy a catalog that did nothing but grow and grow.

Later, my own productions began to arrive, such as Stranger Things, which got me hooked on this VOD service. The possibility of choosing what I want to see was surprising to me, like millions of Spaniards who did not hesitate to try Netflix.

Illegal downloads in our country began to plummet, making it clear that with a good business model, the scourge of piracy was doomed to disappear. You just have to see Spotify, the streaming music platform that has been in charge of almost completely defeating music piracy.

Something similar happened with Netflix. In addition, having so few rivals in our country, it didn’t take long for them to monopolize an immense catalog and, most importantly, of great quality. Until other entertainment giants wanted their piece of the pie.

Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max… Rivals of height for a platform that is bleeding

Disney, Disney+

On Netflix there was a sweet moment, with no rival capable of standing up to the streaming giant. Until companies of the stature of Disney + or Amazon wanted their piece of the cake. Really the first great rival was HBO, which landed in Spain in 2016 under the hands of Vodafone. And the truth is that, when the corresponding licenses ended, HBO did not hesitate to recover part of its catalog.

Here the battle between both VOD platforms was tall. HBO surprised us with series of the stature of Game of Thrones, or the magnificent Chernobyl. But even so, Netflix was still the first option as it had a more varied and quality catalog.

On the other hand, there was Amazon Prime Video, available for free to Amazon Prime customers, although it was not an option that Netflix worried too much about. Until Disney+ arrived. The entertainment giant did not take long to recover its immense catalog, including the entire Star Wars saga, in addition to going shopping to take over the main studios, with Marvel as the main exponent. This is where Netflix’s problems began. Why? The quality of the contents.

Netflix premieres a lot, but of poor quality

pirate netflix

I’ve seen big premieres on Netflix. High-quality self-produced films and series that kept me hooked chapter after chapter. But little by little, as its rivals began to gain a foothold in the sector, the big N lowered the quality. Or what is worse: it began to fill its catalog with bland content.

Today enter Netflix is ​​torture. You have the feeling that the catalog is endless, but you’ve already seen it. Obviously we are not saying that you can consume all the hours of content available, but the vast majority is pure garbage.

It is becoming more and more common to start a series or movie on Netflix and leave it in the middle. I have always had a rule when I start a series: I have to watch a minimum of five episodes. Thanks to this I have been able to enjoy gems like The Office, despite the fact that the first chapters were a bit weak in my opinion. But currently on Netflix I give it two chapters, hopefully. The reason? The vast majority of new series are pure garbage. Surely there will be an interested sector, but I am sure that the vast majority of subscribers think the same as me.

An intuitive interface but with a terrible recommendation system


It’s just my feeling, but it seems that Netflix almost never gets it right when it makes recommendations to me. From true, because one day I put something on TV so that there is noise while I do other things, it does not mean that that children’s program in which they build all kinds of junk is of interest to me. It does not matter, Netflix has realized that you have seen 10 minutes of content and you will have the most curious recommendations.

Then there’s the eternal list of Keep watchingthat for years you couldn’t delete content from the app, so it became a graveyard of failures, reminding you every time you entered the large number of movies or series that you had left halfway through how indescribable they were.

I say the same again: There is very good content on Netflix, but in general the quality has dropped which is scary. And then you see its rivals, with a much more limited catalog but infinitely better, and it makes you wonder why you are paying 3 euros a month. A no, we currently pay 4.50 euros…

Climbs and more climbs


We invite you to go through this article where we break down how the price of the Netflix subscription in Spain has evolved, but in general terms the rise has been remarkable. And the quality of the content has plummeted, while Disney + continues to do its thing with hits like The Mandalorian, Red, Charm, Hawkeye… And HBO Max offering all the movie releases 45 days later so you have the guarantee.

Comparisons are odious, but it is clear that Netflix lags far behind its rivals, And at much higher rates. In addition, the platform has recently announced that it wants to prohibit sharing accounts with other users outside the home if an extra bonus is not paid.

The company has lost 200,000 customers in the last quarter, and is expected to lose another 2 million in the following quarter. And, although the war between Russia and Ukraine has partly motivated this disaster at the user level, much of the blame lies with Netflix.

One of the solutions that he wants to apply is to launch a cheaper rate with advertising. But As long as they don’t improve the quality of the content, eliminate the garbage from their catalog and offer a competitive price, I’m very afraid that I’m getting off the bandwagon. At the moment I can share an account on Disney + and HBO Max. Paying almost the same as I pay just for Netflix.

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