Directum and VK Digital Technologies will help businesses switch to tax monitoring

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Directum and VK Digital Technologies have prepared a joint solution that simplifies the interaction of companies with the Federal Tax Service. “Archive for tax monitoring” works in conjunction with the VK Tax Compliance platform, which in turn is integrated with the state information system AIS “Tax-3”. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Directum.

The solution preserves the confidentiality of taxpayer data by disclosing only relevant documents to the Federal Tax Service and restricting access to classified information. “Archive for tax monitoring” can be used both in conjunction with data marts, and as part of direct interaction with the tax.

“During the inspection, the inspector looks at the primary taxpayer in the interface of his system, while he gets access only to the data that the company itself is ready to disclose. Integration mechanisms help it “fall through” to the primary documents located in the Directum archive. In the case of an additional request, the accountant will find the missing data in the electronic archive – for this there is a convenient search by filters, and upload them to the showcase. The inspector will see the documents already in his automated system. Directum and VK managed to take into account all the nuances of connecting to tax monitoring in the solution in order to make the transition process for business as painless and safe as possible,” she said. Alisa MuratovaHead of Business Development Projects at Directum.

To switch to work under the new form of tax control, companies must fulfill a number of requirements. By 2024, integration with the information system of the Federal Tax Service will become mandatory in order to standardize access to taxpayer data.

“Firstly, all participants in tax monitoring, regardless of the chosen option of interaction with the Federal Tax Service of Russia, need to be integrated with the AIS “Nalog-3”. Secondly, integration with providing access to the data mart is easier to set up, since it already stores all the necessary information and documents in a structured form. Thirdly, those tax monitoring companies that have already implemented the solution will have to revise the architecture of the technical approach to integration with the Nalog-3 AIS and make the necessary improvements. Those companies that are not currently participants in tax monitoring and are at the stage of choosing a solution should consider the analytical showcase of a Russian manufacturer, which will help at all stages of integration and provide technical support for the solution in the future. Thus, VK takes into account the specifics of a particular company and allows you to fulfill all the requirements of the law for information interaction between a participant in tax monitoring and the Federal Tax Service of Russia,” noted Andrey Chernenkodirector of B2G platform services “VK digital technologies”.

Any company participating in tax monitoring can use the partner solution of Directum and VK Digital Technologies. And the first step towards a new form of control will be the introduction of a financial archive. Learn more about how to organize a single archive of documents for remote interaction with the Federal Tax Service.

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VK Digital Technologies is the developer of the VK Tax Compliance platform. This is a data mart designed to meet the requirements of the law regarding the disclosure of data within the framework of tax monitoring. Integrates with any information system.

Directum is a Russian IT company, a developer of intelligent software products and services for managing digital processes and documents. Directum IT solutions meet the requirements of import independence.

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