DIS Group announced the Russian solution for the formation of complex documents and data integration

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Plus7 FormIT integrates corporate data to automatically create, reproduce and distribute personalized documents of any format and complexity. According to preliminary data, with the new solution, the speed of obtaining information by business units can increase by 60%. Business users who do not have programming skills can work in a no-code visual environment on their own, without the help of IT specialists. This was reported to CNews by representatives of DIS Group.

Among the key scenarios for using the solution is the formation and distribution of personalized documents for employees of the organization or individual offers for clients. All documents are created on the basis of consolidated data generated by Plus7 FormIT from various corporate information systems and from any other data sources, including files, web forms, email and other services. The system allows you to process any type of data in any language, enrich and profile data, and evaluate its quality. The integration solution engine can also be used to perform other integration projects such as data migration, cross-system integration, and building data warehouses.

Pavel Likhnitsky, CEO of DIS Group: “The rapid exchange of relevant, reliable and personalized information is at the heart of the processes of modern large companies. Businesses also need a personalized approach to communicate with a client who expects an individual approach and an offer that is relevant to them. At the same time, the formation and uploading of one personalized document, if it is done “manually”, can take from three hours to a day. Plus7 FormIT not only speeds up this process by 60% due to a powerful data integration mechanism, but also allows you to automate any external and internal communications, regardless of their complexity and intensity.”

Plus7 FormIT allows you to unload information from data sources both on a schedule and on the fly, and form a layer for storing consolidated information for subsequent generation of reports in analytical systems.

The solution was developed by the Russian company Data Innovations and is part of Plus7, the first Russian end-to-end line of solutions for the complex digital transformation of an organization. All solutions of the line on the Russian market are represented by DIS Group as an authorized partner of Data Innovations.

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DIS Group is a company that offers solutions in the field of data management, business intelligence, information security based on Russian and international technologies, as well as consulting and implementing projects in these areas.

Data Innovations is a Russian company, software development center. The company’s portfolio includes a range of business process automation, data and knowledge management solutions for government and commercial organizations. Solutions are being developed in Russia. All founders of the company are residents of Russia.

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