Disney+ brings back the classic from the 80s

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Lucasfilms has released the first trailer for Willow, a new series for Disney + that works as a sequel to the adventures of the intrepid character who made locals and strangers vibrate in the eighties. And I can tell you right now that he looks fantastic… and never better said.

But, beware, because I am referring only to the level of production of the series, at the same level as the great titles that the platform usually presents, although unlike those based on the Marvel or Star Wars universes, this one opens a new season. And it is that Willow is a classic eighties with a lot of charisma, but nothing more.

And does it take more than charisma and nostalgia, for Disney + to get oil? Well, it seems not and publishing this news the same day that we echo the premiere of Obi-Wan Kenobi should be a good example of it. Nevertheless, Willow

Willow It is the film that George Lucas, co-writer of the film, made when he failed to get the rights to take it to the cinema The Lord of the rings. And it could have been much more, because the original idea was to make a trilogy, but its success at the box office did not go very far and it stayed where it was, despite the fact that It swept video stores and even made a game of Willow which is another arcade classic of the time.

Directed by Ron Howard (apollo 13, The Da Vinci Code) and starring Warwick Davis (Willow in person, but also Leprechaun in the horror franchise or Professor Filius Flitwick in Harry Potter) and Val Kilmer (top gun, batmanforever), Willow It premiered in 1988 and has remained a cult film… now Disney is resurrecting it to enrich its catalog with something striking that isn’t about superheroes or a Jedi Knight.

Ultimately, the series Willow is another bait composed of a nostalgia and a first class production and while the second you will be able to appreciate as you give it play to the trailer, the first with what has already been said, and it is that it is not only a sequel, but that the protagonist of it is once again Warwick Davis. It should be noted that the British interpreter brought the character to life when he was just 18 years old and now, at 54, he repeats.

Without further ado, here goes the trailer for Willowthe series, whose premiere is scheduled for the next November 30. The movie, by the way, is also on Disney+.

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