DJI has a new M30 drone. It stands like a new car and you can buy it a robotic garage

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It’s spring and many are already dusting their drones before the new season. DJI introduced one of these today, although it probably won’t end up on your shelf. This time it’s about professional series Matrice – Matrix 30. In the words of numbers, the basic package comes to those interested in nice Baťov $ 9,999 (after a gross 224 thousand crowns).

What do you get for similar money? Quadcopter with maximum take-off weight 4 kg and plenty of juice from 5880 mAh LiNiMnCoO2 battery for 41 minutes flight. As in the case of the Mavic series, it is a folding drone that reaches a respectable width when unfolded. 668 millimeters including propellers.

Dimensions, engine power and battery should take care of years in virtually any conditions, including raindeep frost (-20 ° C) and also Himalayan heights around 7,000 meters above sea level.

Official trailer:

What makes a professional drone a drone, however, is the gear mounted on its stabilized gimbal. Instead of the usual one optical camera, you will find a whole host of sensors here:

  • 48MP telephoto camera (1/2 “CMOS, 113-405 mm eq., F / 2.8-f / 4.2)
  • 12MP camera with wide lens (1/2 “CMOS, 24 mm eq., F / 2.8)
  • Thermal camera (40 mm eq., F / 1.0)
  • FPV camera

Other gadgets on the plane include:

  • Laser rangefinder with a range of 200 meters
  • Omnidirectional optical obstacles with a range of 33 meters
  • Infrared obstacles with a range of 10 meters
  • Auxiliary lights with a range of 5 meters
  • System for connecting additional modules

GPS, Galileo and BeiDou satellite navigation is available to keep the drone from getting lost along the way. GLONASS is only part of the expansion module RTK for precise horizontal and vertical navigation in the order of centimeter units.

The M30 can move at horizontal speed 23 m / sthen vertically then up to 6 m / s, and its rotors can withstand the wind at speed 15 m / s.

In the wilderness range up to 15 km, in the city kilometers

The range of the signal is also respectable, which in the Enterprise version and while maintaining the usual frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz will give in the American FCC standard up to 15 km and in European CE 8 km. However, these are values ​​for areas without interference.

So much more interesting is the data on radio range in areas with strong interference and occasional loss of direct visibility – in cities full of Wi-Fi on the same 2.4GHz frequency, where the reception quality of ordinary small drones decreases dramatically. But in the case of the M30 Enterprise, the DJI still promises a range around the European CE standard 1.5-3 km. So you can safely fly over Prague from the Vítkov memorial to Hradčany.

Robotic garage and charging station Dock

DJI engineers finally introduced the DJI Dock robotic landing platform and garage, which will safely lock the drone after landing and hide it from inhospitable conditions. Of course, the garage also serves as an automatic charging station and, according to the manufacturer, can operate in all weather conditions, including night operation.

Official trailer:

The dock can therefore be used, for example, at a remote station, on a construction site that requires long-term monitoring, etc.

Personal air traffic control FlightHub 2

It connects all these systems private air traffic control DJI FLightHub 2. This is a complete flight management, in which you can organize an entire squadron of drones, plan their routes and, of course, monitor their movement in real time.

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