Do you pay for Microsoft 365? The new Defender protects all your computers and mobile phones in the whole family

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Microsoft now has two Consumer Defenders, which will almost certainly be confusing. So let’s get this straight. Microsoft Defender pays for protection against viruses and other digital vermin, which has been integrated directly into Windows for years. Therefore, every Windows computer has this protection active since the installation of the operating system is completed.

Gradually, the antivirus integrated into the system that in a way it had lost its identity. From a user’s perspective, malware protection is part of the Windows Security panel, and you’ll come across the name Microsoft Defender itself sporadically. In Windows 10, the command to check the file in the context menu is most visible, but in Windows 11 the command no longer appears in the new type of context menu.

Since the autumn, a separate service with the same name was planned, ie. Microsoft Defender. Finally it’s outside, so we can get closer to it, if you are interested, try it for yourself. You can find clients in the Store and in the Google Play and App Store catalogs. A variant for macOS has also been released, the signpost for download can be found on the official website. The novelty is available to subscribers Microsoft 365.

Different features on different platforms

In Windows, it practically only performs information and administration center for your facilitybecause antivirus protection is already integrated in the system. So the new Microsoft Defender will tell you what your computer is like (it also monitors third-party antivirus) and other connected devices. The use in families, where you as a parent have control over your children’s devices, is more interesting.

In addition, applications on traditional computers give security tips. On Android and macOS you will then see compared to the other platforms active malware protection. If you have a smartphone with Android, expect a slightly more complicated wheel when setting up, because you will grant the application a number of permissions, as is often the case in similar cases.

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You will start the process of connecting another machine to your monitoring network directly in the application by sending a download link to the given device. However, you won’t see details about other devices on mobile phones; more detailed information about protection status and possible incidents is only available in the Windows client – and probably macOS, which I don’t have the opportunity to try.

So the new Defender complements the existing Defenderwhich is included with Windows. It is aimed at those of you who want to monitor the status of all your computers, mobile phones or tablets in one place. It can also be useful for those who have children. At the same time, the new Defender brings protection against digital vermin to platforms where there is basically no protection, ie Android and macOS.

Development is just beginning

Over time, Defender will learn more. Microsoft is committed to protecting your device against theft and unspecified connection security. That’s what the Redmonds might think of VPN.

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