Do you sell in online bazaars? Beware of fraudsters who expose your card. Police are already reporting 150 cases

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Criminalists of the 3rd Department of Prague, in cooperation with regional detectives, today drew attention to extensive fraud in internet bazaars. Not the sellers, but the buyers try to get people for the money. They respond to published advertisements, arrange a deal, but want to pay through a forged payment gateway.

The seller enters his payment card details for those sellers, so the fraudster then enters them into a mobile phone (Apple / Google Pay) and can then go to an account to ATMs that support contactless cash withdrawal.

Apparently it is an organized international gang: “CThe system works in such a way that from a foreign call center, which monitors large bazaar servers in our territory, they pass information about sellers to their sheep in the field, which then communicate with the sellers directly. They then keep their share of the selected amounts and the rest goes back to the call center,The police said.

Criminal investigators have already recorded over 150 misused payment cards with a damage of over 800,000 crowns. Police detained seven suspects in just one week. “In most cases, the arrests took place immediately after they gradually withdrew larger amounts from the damaged accounts from the ATMs. Given that these fraudsters only communicate over a data connection, it is very difficult to come up with such cases,He adds.

If you decide to pay in advance during the sale, arrange a transfer from the account, or as a seller you can initiate a card payment via Revolut or However, in no case should you fill in card details on the website from a third-party link.

Police incidenting internet fraudsters:

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