Do you share Netflix with friends? Pay extra. The streaming giant is testing an unpleasant novelty

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Three years ago, Netflix spoke publicly about the misuse of shared accounts for the first time, but then only admitted a problem that it had no solution to. Last year, however, it began testing a feature in selected countries that warned users who used one account at several different addresses. And soon such actions will begin to charge.

The company said in yesterday’s press release that the sharing fee will start charging in the coming weeks in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. It will be possible to add a maximum of two separate profiles to each account (Standard and Premium).

What’s more, existing shared profiles can be converted to new ones, or all shared profiles can be transferred to new accounts so that people can pay for them themselves and create new shared profiles themselves. The conversion transfers the tracking history, recommendation algorithm, and titles added to the playlist for later playback.

Netflix sharing surcharges
Earth Premium rate Surcharge for sharing
Chile 10,700 CLP (CZK 299) 2,380 CLP (CZK 66)
Costa Rica 15.99 USD (357 CZK) 2.99 USD (67 CZK)
Peru 44.90 PEN (269 CZK) 7.9 PEN (CZK 48)

Surcharges average about 20% of what is paid in the countries for the highest Premium tariff. It costs CZK 319 with us, so according to this logic, the surcharge would be around CZK 64 for one shared account, or CZK 128 for two.

Netflix and account sharing

The terms of use say: “Netflix and content accessible through this service is for your personal, non-commercial use only and may not be shared with people outside your home.

The help then explicitly states: “People who don’t live in your household need their own account to watch Netflix.

Netflix further states in the report that it will monitor the behavior and application of the new rules in the three countries and only then will it decide how to apply the novelty in the rest of the world.

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Netflix is ​​a popular video streaming service. In addition to the movies, series and documentaries he buys, he also produces his own content. There are also many popular Czech films, a large part of foreign production contains Czech subtitles, some titles also have Czech dubbing.

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