Doctor Web warns about fraudulent mailings to bank debtors

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Doctor Web employees report cases of phishing messages spread on the Internet, which are sent by cybercriminals on behalf of JSC Tinkoff Bank.

In mailings, fraudsters inform users-debtors of Ukrainian banks living in the liberated territories about the assignment of the rights to claim debts. Attackers ask users for personal data. The messages contain the Tinkoff Bank logo. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Doctor Web.

Tinkoff Bank JSC denies any involvement in these mailings.

Doctor Web assumes that this is a new fraudulent scheme from the same intruders who gained access to confidential information by calling victims and posing as “bank security officers.”

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“We added a lot of fake Tinkoff domains to our databases, which, among other things, can be used for this scheme,” said Sofia Willen, Head of the Internet Analytics Department of Doctor Web LLC. – It can be expected that Russian users may soon encounter a similar debt assignment scheme. So we urge everyone to be careful. And remember that banks never ask for personal data.”

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