Dolby Vision and Android TV for a model that will arrive in Spain

Dolby Vision and Android TV for a model that will arrive in Spain

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Surprise in the Smart TV sector. And it is that JVC has just announced the launch of its new generation of OLED TVswhich comes to succeed the 9100 series. And watch out for new JVC OLED 9200 series, because it will arrive in Spain.

Available in dTwo sizes, 55 and 65 inches, we are talking about a television that is committed to a panel of organic light-emitting diodes to guarantee great image quality. We do not know what panel it will mount, but it offers a refresh rate of 100-120 Hz, so we can assume that it is the same as the LG OLED B2.

To this we must add Dolby Vision support to guarantee an image quality that is very faithful to reality. Let’s take a closer look at all the secrets behind JVC’s new generation of OLED TVs.

Design and features of the JVC OLED 9200 series

To begin with, on an aesthetic level we find a very premium product. For starters, its OLED panel allows the JVC OLED 9200 series to boast a slim design, with a flat back and frameless bezel design to make the screen the star of your living room.

With its premium swivel stand design, which allows for wider viewing angles so you can deliver a seamless viewing experience from any seat in the room.

As for the Technical characteristics of the JVC 9200 seriesSay this OLED TV achieves exceptional contrast, deep blacks and amazing color vibrancy for truly lifelike picture performance thanks to its organic light-emitting diode technology.

Dolby Vision and Android TV


To this we must add pixel control technology to offer better colors, shades and tones. Furthermore, and how could it be otherwise in a premium smart tvJVC’s new family of OLED TVs boasts support DolbyVision so that you can enjoy one of the most used HDR standards in the industry and that you will find in a good number of movies and series available on Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max and other content platforms on demand.

This model also has SuperResolution technology, which scales the image on the screen so that you can see content in 4K even if it is recorded at a lower resolution with height results, in part thanks to the improvement of the dynamic contrast ratio with Micro Dimming. It also features Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation (ME/MC) technology, which smoothes and sharpens on-screen images.

At the sound level, the JVC OLED 9200 Smart TV has support for Dolby Atmos and Virtual: DTX, industry leading immersive surround sound standards for an unforgettable sound experience.

Furthermore, this model features HDMI 2.1 with ALLM (activates whenever a console game is detected, and automatically switches to the TV’s lowest latency setting), and an HDMI ARC port so you’re not short of options.

The icing on the cake is put by the operating system that will bring this television to life. Mainly because JVC has opted for AndroidTV, so you will not be short of games and applications to install, being able to enjoy streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Red Bull TV to Twitch and Amazon Music. In addition, it has a built-in Chromecast so you can mirror the screen of your phone.

JVC OLED 9200 series price and availability

The manufacturer has announced that the 9200 series is now available in Europeexcluding the UK, the Nordic countries and France at a price yet to be confirmed.

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