DuckDuckGo launches its own private web browser for Mac

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Announced just before the end of last year, DuckDuckGo has finally officially launched the first full version of your desktop web browserwith a beta version for Mac already available and a version for Windows already on the way, and a user experience that puts privacy features as the main focus.

Instead of going back to Chromium as a base, using Safari’s WebKit on macOS devices and using Microsoft Edge’s Blink on Windows. And it is that the company has designed this browser internally instead of forking an open source browser such as Chromium or Firefox, so does not have its own rendering enginemaking use of the rendering engine integrated into the operating system of our computer.

DuckDuckGo private web browser Beta

Although as we said, DuckDuckGo has wanted to do a special emphasis on privacy featureswith options including DuckDuckGo browser integration, tracker blocking, one-click data wipe for specific websites, preference for HTTPS versions of websites when available, and history, bookmarks, and passwords stored locally and not shared with DuckDuckGo.

On the other hand, this desktop browser also will help us manage pop-up cookies, arising in a mandatory manner after the implementation of the GDPR. And while there are third-party extensions that can help you avoid cookie pop-ups, DuckDuckGo’s browser directly automates the process. The first time you use the app, you will be asked if you want it to manage the pop-ups that appear. An option that if we keep active, will use Javascript to automatically set cookie preferences on each site you visit, automatically choosing the best options to maximize our privacy.

As we anticipated, the browser is currently still in beta version, with slightly restricted access. dependent on enrollment on a waiting list to gain access.

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