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E3 2023 confirms its return as a face-to-face and virtual event

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After a couple of years of last minute cancellations, and having been replaced this year by the Summer Game Fest, it seems that the Entertainment Software Association (better known as ESA) would be preparing the return of E3 2023 officiallyhaving issued a statement announcing the return of this fair as a a hybrid event that will take part both in person and virtually.

As much as we love these digital events, and as much as they reach people and we want that global reach, we also know there’s a very strong desire for people to come together, to be able to connect in person and see each other and talk about what you do. make the games great«, shared Stan Pierre-Louis, executive director and president of the ESA, to The Washington Post.

Although for the time being the association He has not yet wanted to put a specific date on this E3 2023, it is most likely that the event will remain on its usual dates, at the beginning of June. However, the doubts are now whether this event is really necessary or not in the current scene.

And it is that as we said, the Geoff Keighley event not only seems to have taken the present gap with the absence of this fair, but also aims to replace it completely. During the opening event held yesterday, Keighley himself assured that the next Summer Game Fest 2023 would take place on the same dates next year, going from a 100% online event to the inclusion of an additional physical space.

Thus, it seems that the only thing pending to be resolved would be on which side the companies will position themselves, being in the end the game developers and distributors who will have the last word to ensure the success or possible disappearance of one of these two events.

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