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The company helps businesses optimize costs during economic turbulence. New technologies come to the rescue: instead of expensive SMS mailings, affordable push notifications are available. For whom it is suitable, we tell below.

SMS messages remain the most popular channel for informing customers. However, more and more companies are ready to look for alternative solutions to reduce the cost of mailings to their database, because SMS is not only the most popular channel for business, but also the most expensive.

Why, in the era of instant messengers, chats and social networks, are we still talking about SMS as a leading channel, and not as an archaic technology? After all, users have not used it to communicate with each other for a long time? The answer is simple: the percentage of message delivery in this channel is the highest – 97%.

edna found a way out: the company brings push notifications to the market within its platform. edna is a participant in the mobile information and digital communications market with 17 years of experience, an IT developer of solutions for communications in the digital environment: informing, processing incoming requests, verifying users, building a seamless ecosystem.

The company’s new development is a cloud-based push notification technology that allows any business to use this channel with minimal start-up costs. By itself, push technology can hardly be called a budget solution, but thanks to cloud implementation, it has become “affordable” for mid-segment companies. After all, now you do not need to spend money on equipment, implementation, training, and subsequent support.

At the same time, businesses always have the option not to pay at all – there are enough free solutions on the market in order to send push notifications. However, there are many pitfalls along the way. The quality of free services, as a rule, does not meet the expectations of the client. Two key metrics: delivery speed, up to 12 minutes, and delivery percentage, 30-50%, make this service the final destination on the customer’s journey. Users cannot log in, confirm the operation, receive a code – all this leads either to a negative reaction of the client or to his loss. Here, the edna indicators (delivery speed – up to two seconds, delivery percentage – 91%) fully justify the choice in favor of the commercial option.

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“The main thing we did was not just launch push notifications as another channel. Such services were and are on the market, including free ones. We have made a high-quality technology, but its cost remains lower than SMS notifications and does not require implementation for several hundred thousand rubles. By “quality” it is important to understand two main parameters here: this is the percentage of delivery, which exceeds 90%, and the speed of message delivery – an average of about two seconds versus 10-12 minutes for alternative channels. It is these parameters that make our push notifications a worthy alternative to SMS, which allows us to reduce the cost of mailings, and this is especially true now,” said Dmitry Kochenkoproduct manager.

It is important that the possibility of reservation via SMS remains. For example, if the user is in an area with poor mobile internet, he will receive an SMS.

It is also worth noting that the edna solution is integrated with three key platforms – Android (FCM), Apple (APNS), Huawei (HMS), while most similar solutions support only the first two.

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