Eero Pro 6E sube de nivel los sistemas Wi-Fi de malla 27

Eero Pro 6E, more level for mesh Wi-Fi

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Eero has added two new packs, Eero Pro 6E and Eero 6+, to its Wi-Fi mesh networking offering. At the same time, the Amazon-owned brand specializing in networking products has lowered the price of its previous solutions.

WiFi Mesh wireless network systems are here to stay. And they are a great solution to support the tremendous growth of connected devices in businesses and homes, avoiding having to pull cables for all dependencies. As we saw in the review of the (outstanding) D-Link EAGLE PRO AI, this type of product harnesses the power of the latest Wi-Fi standards and mesh networking technologies to achieve efficient solutions with good performance and low latency.

Eero Pro 6E

As its name suggests, it supports the most advanced Wi-Fi standard in the industry and takes advantage of the extended radio spectrum to the 6 GHz bandin addition to the existing 2.4 and 5 GHz ones. Using the 6 GHz channel should translate to faster throughput speeds (up to 2.3 Gbps in this solution) and less congestion, and indeed this system can handle bandwidth-intensive processes like AR, VR and 8K streaming, the company says.

Eero Pro 6E

It will also be capable of handling multi-gigabit Internet services over cable. In fact, all routers that are part of the Eero Pro 6E mesh feature one 2.5GbE Ethernet port and one 1GbE Ethernet port, for devices that need to use full bandwidth simultaneously.

In terms of coverage, Eero ensures that a basic kit of the Eero Pro 6E will be able to handle dependencies of up to 185 square meters and manage 100 simultaneous devices. From there you can add units to increase coverage.

Eero Pro 6E levels up 30 mesh Wi-Fi systems

Eero Pro 6+

The second solution of those announced does not support Wi-Fi 6E, but it is sold at a cheaper price and uses the same mesh network technology as the superior version. It is supported by the dual band of 2.4 and 5 GHz and the entry pack offers coverage for 139 square meters and 75 simultaneous devices.

It features dual 1Gbe LAN connectors and also has support for 160MHz channels, which should improve speeds and reduce Wi-Fi congestion on compatible devices. Like all this ecosystem, it includes advanced technologies and functions for intelligent optimization and prioritization of traffic, channels and the applications that most need it; parental controls; guest network; a free mobile app from where you connect and configure the entire network and voice controls with Alexa.

Availability and price

The new systems are now available to reserve on Eero’s website and on Amazon, with the following prices:

  • Eero Pro 6E Base Pack: $299.
  • 2 Eero Pro 6E units: $499.
  • 3 Eero Pro 6E units: $699.
  • Eero Pro 6+ base pack: $139.
  • 2 Eero Pro 6+ units: $239.
  • 2 Eero Pro 6+ units: $299.

Eero Pro 6E levels up mesh Wi-Fi systems 32

The manufacturer has taken the opportunity to adjust its Eero 6 solution downwards, with prices ranging from $89 for one unit, to $199 for the pack with three units. In Spain it is even cheaper and in the e-commerce portal you can buy it from 79 euros.

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