Elon Musk shopped. With almost 10% share, it is the largest shareholder of Twitter

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This would not be the first time that the boss and founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX asked the public for an opinion and then “acted” on the basis of it. Or so it should have looked. His next game lasted two weeks.

On Friday, March 25, he asked fans if they thought freedom of speech was working on Twitter. The result of the survey was supposed to have a major impact. He had suggested in the past that he would set up his own social network, following the example of Trump, but anyone could write really anything.

Two-thirds of people in the survey told him that Twitter did not follow the principles of freedom of speech. This could theoretically be an impulse to create an alternative, but the result was more surprising. Musk has now bought much of Twitter.

According to Bloomberg, it now owns 73.5 million shares (9.2% stake) worth $ 2.89 billion. This makes him the largest shareholder, but still only a minority without the influence to make any changes in the company. It is therefore a question of whether he wants to get another share or by buying only confirmed that the network really trusts.

For Muska, Twitter is the main communication channel. With 80 million followers, he has the eighth most successful account, ahead of only former US presidents, singers, Ronaldo and Justin Bieber.

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