Epic Games y LEGO crearán un Metaverso para niños

Epic Games and LEGO will create a Metaverse for children

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Two new allies join the cause of the Metaverse, and they do it by joining forces. They are Epic Games and LEGO, and in the absence of seeing what their plans materialize, which are long-term, from the start it does seem an interesting proposal, and that contributes to adding points to a future initiative that, today, Nothing is clear yet, as evidenced by the fact that Meta, the main precursor to the Metaverse, has postponed its developer conference because it needs to advance its transformation project for the Metaverse.

Thus, at a point where we still do not know if this initiative will have a future or not, both companies have decided not to wait and, as we can see in the official statement, Epic Games and LEGO will join forces to create a space in the Metaverse especially aimed at the little ones. The phrase with which they summarize their plans, which are long-term, is «Shaping the future of the metaverse so it’s safe and fun for kids and families«.

Thus, his proposal is based on these three guidelines:

  • Protect children’s right to play by making safety and well-being a priority.
  • Protect the privacy of children by putting their interests first.
  • Empower children and adults with tools that give them control over their digital experience.

This is the reason why, at the beginning, I indicated that this collaboration between Epic Games and LEGO points in the right direction. And of course, it will obviously be necessary to check its evolution to verify that it really conforms to these premises, something for which we will still have to wait, since the project, and the collaboration, have their sights set on the medium and long term.

Epic Games and LEGO will create a Metaverse for children

So much so that, actually, the statement does not tell us much about the plans of Epic Games and LEGO in a more concrete way, that is, there are no dates, no concepts, and no advances. Only the announcement of a plan for the future and some ethical premises that, if fulfilled, are quite reassuring.

What both companies do have a lot of experience with is, precisely, the elements that, combined, can create a space in the Metaverse especially suitable for the little ones, and also for families. Epic Games can bring all the knowledge of multi-user gaming spaces thanks to its experience with Fortnite, and LEGO would add its experience with games aimed at that segment of the market, such as the recently published LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. The combination, a priori, I admit that I love it.

Epic Games and LEGO will have to face, yes, other options that surely already point in the same direction, and I especially think of Minecraft and Robloxtwo products that are particularly well positioned among these audiences, and for which the jump to the Metaverse seems really simple.

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