Epic Games prueba un innovador sistema de reseƱas

Epic Games tests an innovative review system

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User reviews are a key element of purchase for many people, and this is something that they are very aware of at Epic Games. However, and as we mentioned yesterday when talking about Facebook’s plans in this regard, On many occasions they are totally distorted for malicious actions, either to project a more positive image than the real one, or just the opposite, to carry out some kind of boycott.

Actions in this last sense are sadly habitual for some time now., and on many occasions they respond to positions on certain controversial issues. These days, for example, we have learned of a barrage of negative reviews for Lightyear, the latest Pixar film, as a result of a scene in which two women kiss. These types of actions are often called bombing review and, as a general rule, they force the platform on which they are produced to have to carry out a subsequent cleaning, something that Epic Games are also quite aware of.

Until now, The Epic Games Store did not, therefore, have a user comments and ratings system, a somewhat Solomonic solution that, although it has effectively avoided the problem of malicious reviews, has also deprived its users of a resource as practical as this one. Although, fortunately, this is something that is about to change, and also with a system that can keep the good part and avoid the bad.

Epic Games tests an innovative review system

And it is that, as we can read in The Verge, Epic Games will begin to include user opinions, but only to those who have played the titles for a minimum of two hoursand that randomly they will be chosen by the platform to offer them the possibility of publishing their evaluation. In this way, the possibility of issuing reviews of the games will be substantially limited, but many points will be added so that those that are published are legitimate and credible.

Epic Games states that they do not intend to overwhelm their users, so ni all users of a game will receive an invite to value it, not one player will receive invitations to rate all the games they have in your catalog. However, it remains to be seen how well this system is received, and whether users are more or less participative, because depending on this point, the company may be forced to increase the total volume of requests for reviews sent to users. .

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