Every fifth company attacked by hackers received financial damage

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Nine out of ten Russian companies were subjected to cyberattacks in 2021. As a result, 38% of attacked companies suffered image or financial damage. Businesses are aware of the reality of the threat: victims of cybercriminals are 1.5 times more likely than others to invest in improving their information security. These are the results of Megafon’s Cyber ​​Security Index study, for which representatives of 400 companies from various industries were interviewed.

The risk of cyberattacks, which are becoming more diverse, and the potential damage from them are also growing. Thus, 20% of the attacked companies received financial damage, and 18% – image damage. Trying to bypass standard protection, hackers are constantly improving attack methods, in particular, changing vectors, choosing the time of greatest vulnerability, actively expanding the geography of botnets – computer networks controlled by hackers remotely. 80% of surveyed companies admit that businesses still do not pay enough attention to cyber risk management. This was reported to CNews by representatives of MegaFon.

More than 91% of respondents confirm that business has become more sensitive with the transition to online, so the relevance of solutions for remote workplaces continues to grow: 37% of companies plan to invest in protecting remote connections.

Small and medium-sized businesses are especially vulnerable today: six out of ten small companies in the state do not have information security specialists. Therefore, they are increasingly outsourcing the protection of their infrastructure: 41% already use such solutions according to the service model. It allows you to reliably protect your infrastructure without additional costs and specialists in the state: companies receive not only a set of services, but also qualified experts to comprehensively counter growing threats and secure their business.

The study showed that demand for outsourcing is growing faster than the market as a whole: 22% of companies already use a service-based information security model, and another 49% are considering this possibility. “We see an increase in demand for comprehensive solutions for organizing monitoring of the entire infrastructure and responding to incidents, that is, SOC (Security Operation Center). Previously, SOC was considered an expensive project only for large companies, which, as a rule, are not ready to outsource this function. Today, SOC is one of the five most popular services for both large corporations and medium-sized businesses with a high degree of digitalization,” said Alexander Osipov, director of cloud platforms and infrastructure solutions at MegaFon.

As part of MegaFon’s Cybersecurity Index study, 400 representatives of companies from various industries that use cybersecurity services were surveyed. The study was conducted jointly with the analytical agency TNS MIC JSC.

MegaFon has been developing the cybersecurity area for over 10 years, including providing services based on a service model. The company serves over 2,000 clients in the financial, industrial, retail and other sectors, as well as government organizations. Now MegaFon’s ecosystem of products and services includes more than 15 solutions, thanks to which the client can cover almost the entire range of tasks in the field of protection against cyber threats.


Megafon is an all-Russian telecom operator. The company combines IT and telecommunications areas, provides mobile and fixed communication services, mobile and broadband Internet access, digital television and OTT video content, innovative digital products and services. The company’s services in Russia are used by 74.4 million customers.

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