Facebook Messenger gets new shortcuts. Silence messages, pay or send ASCII art

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Meta has introduced a handy novelty for its Facebook Messenger mobile application. They are her quick shortcuts. What’s going on? You probably already use one shortcut in bulk conversations, you just don’t realize it. It is a sign of a specific user by typing the @ character. Then he receives a notification directly to the person concerned and knows that you are addressing him directly.

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Just a short shortcut and you can send silent messages to users.

Now Meta expands the possibilities of shortcuts. A similar case will be the abbreviation @everyone, after which you will be notified of everyone in the conversation. This is useful when conversation participants only have notifications turned on to indicate their name. It is not yet clear whether the term “everyone” will be the same for all countries or whether the Meta localizes the abbreviation for each language separately.

Silent messages and instant payments

However, the opposite acronym may be even more practical / silent (later available for Instagram in @silent). This shortcut works exactly the opposite. If you start writing with this shortcut, none of the members of the conversation will receive a message notification after sending it, and will just silently join the conversation. This can be useful, for example, when writing text late at night, or for a business conversation where you do not want to disturb your colleagues outside of working hours.

An even more useful shortcut for fast payments is prepared for users in the USA. After entering the shortcut / pay they will be able to send any amount quickly.
Meta has also prepared an acronym for animation lovers / gif. All you have to do is add a theme that describes the topic and a whole list of thematic animations will come straight to you, without you having to go to the gifs section at length.

For those who do not have enough gifs or emoji, they will be able to quickly send selected reactions as so-called “kaomoji”. This is a Japanese variation on emoji that uses ASCII characters in a row in a row. The first two will be supported / shrug showing response ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ _ a / tableflip representing (╯ ° □ °) ╯︵ ┻━┻. If you do not see any picture in these “stamps”, do not worry. You are not alone.

Shortcuts should start working in the application soon, only in the case of GIFs and reactions in ASCII art, iPhone users will wait a while longer. However, Meta promises that this is just the beginning and that more shortcuts will be added during the year.

Meta introduced the Facebook Campus service for students:

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