Fast typing even without clicking. Google Docs extends Markdown support

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If you are a fan of markup language Markdown, Google has a positive message for you. You can use it more when formatting text in its Documents. In order for the word processor to recognize the entered tags, you must first activate support in the menu Tools Preferences.

Google Docs they do not support the entire syntax, only the selected part. She is now expanded, so you can easily enter headings, links or bold text, for example. We offer an overview of some brands:

  • a star or hyphen followed by a space creates a bulleted list,
  • closed square quotes create a check box
  • the grid creates a first level heading, two grids the second level heading, etc.,
  • two stars on each side will highlight the text in bold,
  • three stars on each side highlight the text in bold and italics.

For Google Docs, the tags you enter are automatically converted to formatted text. You will no longer view plain text source code in this environment. Tags are not preserved even if you export the document in TXT format.

Sources: Google Workspace Updates

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