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Find out why inkjet printers are a good option

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Inkjet printers have been with us for many years and are, today, the only real alternative to laser printers. As many of our readers will already know, inkjet printers have important advantages over laser printers, among which we can highlight their lower sale price and also their best relation between cost and benefits.

Despite these advantages, many users still doubt the real value of inkjet printers because they believe that they have a much higher cost per page, that they do not offer a truly optimal user experience and that they have a significant impact on the environment. With the first generations of ink printers, all this made sense, but thanks to the evolution and improvements that these types of solutions have received, all this has ceased to have any weight, and They have become authentic myths.

The best example of this evolution that inkjet printers have experienced is found in the Canon PIXMA, a generation that has managed to gain great popularity thanks to its good performance and low cost per page. If you think that ink-based printing and low cost per page are not compatible, it is because you do not know the Canon MegaTank technologywhich allows you to print a huge number of pages per month for very little money.

Canon PIXMA printers: everything you need for home, or for your office

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Within the series of Canon PIXMA ink printers with MegaTank technology, we can find a wide variety of models with different features, which allows optimally cover the needs of both home users and professional users. It does not matter if you print occasionally or if you work with large amounts of documents and photos on a daily basis, within this range of printers you will find a suitable model for you.

Entry-level Canon MegaTank printers are outlined as compact and fast MFPs, which means that we can use them to print, scan and copy documents in a simple way and enjoying good performance. They use included Gi-51 refill bottles, which can print up to 12,000 pages in black and white with two bottles of black ink, and 7,700 pages in color with a single pack of bottles. These printers can work at a rate of 10.8 ppm, and reach a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi.

If we are going to print photographs, we will have nothing to worry about, since these printers can work with different media (magnetic, matte, gloss and semi-gloss) and print banners up to 1.2 meters in length. However, keep in mind that in this case, the Canon PIXMA G2560, G3520 and G3560 models are recommended.

What if I need an inkjet printer for my office?

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In that case the Canon PIXMA G6050 AND PIXMA G7050 They are very interesting options. This latest model has a 35-sheet ADF (automatic document feeder for scanning or copying) and also allows the sending of faxes. Both are multifunction solutions, which means that they allow printing, scanning and copying, they have USB connectivity, Wi-Fi and integrate with the cloud without problems.

They are ideal for small offices not only because of their features and price, since they are affordable, but also because they are very profitable. With each bottle of Gi-50 black ink they can print up to 8,300 pages in economy mode, and up to 7,700 pages in colour. Canon includes three bottles of black ink with these printers, so we can use them to print up to 24,900 pages. These printers have a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi, automatic printing two-sided and high-capacity front and rear paper feeds (up to 350 pages).

Canon MegaTank ink printers for professionals

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If your needs are more focused on black and white printing, the Canon PIXMA GM4050 and GM2050 They are two excellent options, since they specialize in that printing mode and offer the option of putting a color cartridge. The 3 bottles of Gi-50 black ink included will allow us to print up to 18,000 A4 pages.

Both printers are focused on an environment based on Microsoft’s Windows operating system, have USB, WiFi, Ethernet and Cloud link connectivity, and have mobile printing functions through the free application. Canon PRINT, with which we can also control the status of the printer, ink levels and perform other tasks. They have a feeding capacity of 350 sheets distributed in two trays, one of 250 sheets and another of 150 sheets, offer a resolution of 600 x 1,200 dpi and have a speed of 13 ppm. The GM4050 model also has multifunction capabilities.

If quiet photography is your thing, Canon has not forgotten about you

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I know, you are passionate about photography, and you want that fantastic image that you have captured with your camera to be transferred to paper with the same quality and fidelity for respect the impact of the original image. I understand you perfectly, in fact this is, in the end, the goal of any good photographer.

Canon has not forgotten about photography lovers, and printers PIXMA G550 and G650 They are an example of it. The first is a printer specializing in photo printing. Has a 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution, and works with the A4 format. It has a Wi-Fi connection so you can print photos wirelessly and with a cloud connection from any device.

For its part, the PIXMA G650 is aimed at the print, scan and copy photos, that is, it offers a multifunction capacity, which translates into greater versatility, something that will be key for many users, both domestic and professional.

As you have seen, the PIXMA MegaTank series is made up of a wide variety of printers. Thanks to this you will be able to find a solution that really suits you, and your needs and objectives, optimally, and without having to give up an affordable price, a low cost per page and lower cost of ownership that of traditional cartridge-based inkjet printers.

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