Fit Service introduced an electronic receipt at all car services in Russia

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The international network of car services Fit Service, as part of a strategy for digitalization and increasing environmental awareness, has introduced an electronic check throughout the federal network of car services in Russia. This is the first stage in the creation of Russia’s first network of digital car services. This was reported to CNews by Fit Service representatives.

“The introduction of an electronic check is only the first part of our long-term strategy. In the future, each client of the car service will be able to electronically sign a contract-application for repairs and an act of acceptance and transfer of the car. There will be no need to store and store a huge amount of paper in folders, all documents will always be at hand in the personal account of the application or on the website,” said Fit Service, Development Director for the international network of car services Alexander Garankov.

When a client contacts a car service for services, he signs a contract-application for the provision of services, where the clause on receiving an electronic check is written. Immediately after payment, he will receive an SMS with a link to an electronic receipt, which he can, if necessary, print in PDF format or go to his personal account and find it in digital format. All checks will be kept for five years, which prevents loss or fading of thermal paper, as is often the case with a paper check.

According to Alexander Garankov, all these documents are very important for the client, since they serve as the basis for warranty repairs and the loss of a check or an application agreement only complicates the process of further interaction. By autumn, the transition to a fully electronic document management will be implemented, along with this, it will be possible to view and store all electronic receipts in the personal account, and by the end of the year all client interactions at the station will be in digital format.

“All interactions between a client and a car service center will go digital — documents, receipts, results of diagnostics, inspections, recommendations for maintenance, a service book. All this will make service not only convenient, but will also allow the customer to save time and money on car maintenance and maintain its safe operation. By the end of the year, we will fully implement this project, thereby creating the first network of digital car services in Russia,” said Alexander Garankov.

“In the spring, due to the imposed sanctions, many companies, like us, faced the problem of a shortage of paper and check tape, which accelerated our process of introducing electronic document management and an electronic check. In a sense, this whole situation and sanctions helped us speed up, ”said the co-founder and director of the Fit Service international network of car services. Danil Solovyov.

An enormous amount of paper and receipt tape will be saved annually. On average, 11 A4 sheets are spent per client. Such a large number of printed documents is due to Russian law, which obliges companies to reproduce them, and in two copies and be sure to store them.

“Every day we serve 5,000-7,000 clients, on average, 11 sheets of A4 format and about 30 cm of receipt tape are used per client. Then there is simple arithmetic, on average 50 A4 sheets are made from 1 kg of wood, thus we save more than a ton of wood or simply three or four trees every day, which is more than a thousand trees a year, which is equal to four to five hectares of forest. And that’s not even counting the fact that the check tape itself is dangerous for humans and the environment, since it contains bisphenol and is not recyclable, ”said Fit Service, project manager for the international network of car services. Anastasia Mikheicheva.

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According to the company’s preliminary estimates, it will be possible to save at least four or five hectares of forest in a year by eliminating 385 tons of paper and 10,000 rolls of receipt tape from use. Considering that paper consumption will only increase every year due to the growth in the number of stations and customers, the transition to digital interaction is a long-term environmental perspective. Previously, the company throughout the network secured the standard of interaction with partners and counterparties for document management only in digital format.

“I would like us to become an example for the entire industry. Imagine if at least 30% of car services in Russia switch to electronic document management, then we will be able to annually save dozens, if not hundreds of hectares of forest from useless cutting. It’s time to think about what we will leave for our children from the unique nature that we have,” said Danil Solovyov, co-founder and director of Fit Service, an international network of car services.


The international network of car services Fit Service was opened in 2008. Today the company includes 288 car services in 148 cities in Russia and Kazakhstan.

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For 2021, the revenue of the Fit Service network in Russia amounted to 5.6 billion rubles, revenue growth was 41%.

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