FlexSoft will provide banks with import substitution of risk management systems

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FlexSoft offers a comprehensive solution to the problems of import substitution and is ready to help banks replace imported application software, which is used to carry out the main operational activities of the bank, maintain the dynamics of the banking business, ensure its stability and growth.

In the field of risk management automation, which includes systems of RTDM, BI, credit scoring, liquidity management, etc., the situation is approaching critical. Some Western vendors have already suspended the renewal of licenses for their products, and the ability to operate this software, which is actively used by banks in their activities, is in question in the near future.

The risk management system, built on the basis of the FXL Platform, is offered as an effective replacement for such solutions as SAS RTDM, FICO Scoring or EQUIFAX and, due to the unique modern transactional architecture, provides high performance on any request volumes.

The capabilities of the system fully cover the functionality of Western solutions on the market. The system has basic decision-making processes that can be reconfigured using constructors in accordance with the requirements of the bank, including inquiries to external credit bureaus and analysis of the bank’s credit history can be included in the basic processes.

An important difference from similar solutions is the presence in the FXL Platform of a ready-made banking data model for all entities: client, loan, pledge, contract, document, account, etc., which allows the bank not to configure the model for storing standard data. Customized strategies are not program code and can be transferred from a test environment to a production environment without compilation.

The FXL Platform also includes the Data Force analytical repository, which is a reliable tool for building regulatory, managerial, analytical reporting, and campaign management. The Data Force solution allows you to automate the generation of reporting related to limit and liquidity management, as well as risk management. Thanks to this, the FXL Platform can successfully replace SAS DWH, TerraData, Oracle DWH.

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“Platform FXL” from FlexSoft is a Russian high-tech banking platform that is an effective tool for import substitution of a wide range of application products in various areas of the banking business, including: CORE systems, back and front offices, risk and liquidity management, collateral management , decision-making systems and other components of the banking digital ecosystem.

The FXL platform is built on the basis of a super-efficient transactional core, is fault-tolerant, has a developed API, has built-in low-code tools, as well as a large set of full-featured modules for automating banking processes, products and operations, which allows you to get rid of dependence on foreign solution providers.

FlexSoft has been operating in the banking automation market for more than thirty years, developing its own software products that are in the register of domestic software, and is ready to act as a reliable partner in import substitution. The company’s specialists will ensure fast, reliable and painless migration of the bank from the solutions of “western” vendors.

You can learn more about the functionality of the FXL Platform and about import substitution of IT solutions. on the FlexSoft website.

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