Free Games: ‘Saints Row: The Third Remastered’ and ‘Automachef’

Free Games: 'Saints Row: The Third Remastered' and 'Automachef'

Here we go again … with more free games courtesy of the Epic Games Store, which does not miss a week in launching the network in search of new users, or in sustaining it to keep the ones it already has, many of which are there because of this policy specifically and for nothing else, judging by the reports that are given …

But we are not here, now, to analyze the situation of the game store, but to tell you, in the event that it has escaped you, that from this Thursday until the next, you have two new free games in the Epic Games Store : Saints Row: The Third Remastered and Automachef . Do they feel like it or not?

As you can see in the tweet, they only talk about Automachef , but it is also available to add it to the Epic Games Store library for free Saints Row: The Third Remastered , so like last week, this is double again the bonus, and as they say, a sweet does not make anyone bitter.

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Total, that on the one hand you can take Automachef , a title puzzle and resource management launched in 2019 for Windows without great results, but managing to make it entertaining enough to take it into consideration, as long as the mix of genres it proposes convinces you . You can claim it in this link .

And on the other hand, you can do the same with Saints Row: The Third Remastered , remastered version of the penultimate title of the popular action franchise , released in 2011 for the multiplatform, but with a more polished and as vicious appearance as before, if at all you like the particular humor that exudes. You can claim it in this link .

And there is no more … Until next Thursday. It will be then when the offer of free games from the Epic games Store is renewed, specifically, with the excellent Yoku’s Island Express , so stay tuned. Meanwhile you can enjoy the current offer.

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