Free or discounted games: Survival Festival on Steam and free co-op Unrailed

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Every now and then there is a discount event on all gaming platforms. Therefore, every week we select the most attractive ones that you should not miss. If you want to get games for free or at a good discount, check out the current deals overview!

GOG – Board Games Week

In recent years, board games have become very popular in online gaming as well. You can find the vast majority of big names in digital form. The current event on GOG focused on this type of games. But she also added a lot of other games to the boards that are ideal for playing in cooperation. This applies, for example, to leisure Stardew Valley ($11.4)in which you try to bring an old farm to life.


Carcassonne ($5) is already considered a classic among records. In addition to the basic version, you can also buy several expansions in the sale. This includes, for example, winter fun in Winter and Gingerbread Man ($2.44) or pubs and cathedrals from Inns & Cathedrals ($2.44).

It also has a lot of extensions here Ticket to Ride ($5). In this board game, you will try to build the fastest possible connection between cities and deliver everything you need to the destination. With extensions, you can look to different parts of the world. In addition to European countries such as France or Germany, there is also India and America.

It is also available as part of this event Trine: Ultimate Collection ($12.76), which includes all parts of this excellent puzzle platformer. Together with a trio of heroes with unique abilities, you will look into their beginnings and end up solving the prince’s nightmares.

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