Free or discounted games: the Xbox demo festival and the free Game of Thrones digital board game

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There is always a discount on all gaming platforms. Therefore, every week we select the most attractive ones that you should not miss. If you want to get games for free or with a good discount, take a look at the current list of events!

ID @ Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event

Compared to Steam Next Fest, the number of games you can try at the xbox festival is smaller, but there are also some interesting pieces among the 34 demo versions. As the whole event revolves around the ID @ Xbox program, it is mainly titles from smaller development studios. You can try them on both the Xbox Series S | X and the Xbox One. The event ends on June 27.


At first glance, a logical adventure looks very good Boxvillewhich combines the game with an animated film. With its style, it slightly resembles the creations of the Czech studio Amanita Design. The main goal of the developers is that you relax while playing and get rid of stress.

A little more action awaits you at FPS Stuffed. You look into the dreams of a little girl. But you will not find princesses or ponies in them. Instead, in the role of a teddy bear, you will defend against the waves of nightmares that have taken the form of other toys. You can go into battle alone or in cooperation for up to 4 players.

Next, you can reach for a rhythmic shooter, for example Metal: Hellsinger. The soundtrack plays a more important role here than the addition of atmosphere. If you shoot to the beat, your damage will increase significantly, and the longer you manage to keep it, the more the music intensifies. The representation of genres in the Summer Game Fest Demo Festival is wide, so you can find out on your own if any of the demo versions will suit your taste.

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