From rival partners. Nvidia could make some chips at Intel’s factories

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Nvidia uses Samsung’s factories to make the main graphics chips, as well as TSMC, which has the most advanced manufacturing process. But Nvidia boss Jensen Huang revealed that Nvidia is considering making some chips at Intel’s factories.

Intel and Nvidia aren’t exactly companies they like. There have been major problems between them in the past, such as when Nvidia was still making its own motherboard chipsets. Now the situation is even more interesting in that Intel is plunging into the field of stand-alone graphics cards for laptops, desktops and games, as well as servers, data centers and supercomputers (computing cards).

However, according to the statement, Nvidia is considering that it would use modern production at Intel within the IDM 2.0 initiative for some chips. At the moment, it is not possible to assume that these are the main graphics chips with the latest architecture (Intel also has them manufactured by TSMC), but there are a lot of other chips on the graphics cards and Nvidia also produces a number of other hardware where state-of-the-art production is not needed. and more important is the price and volume of production. Another supplier, Nvidia, can also cover the production of older graphics card models.

There is still a huge demand on the market, which production is not enough to satisfy, so Nvidia is definitely looking for a solution to produce even more. According to Huang, Nvidia is trying to address the redundancy of production and supply in all layers – chips, substrates, system layers and more. Nvidia uses various advanced production technologies so that it can simply produce as much as possible for the largest number of different customers.

But the head of Nvidia also mentioned that the possible use of production at Intel is not a matter of time. Negotiations on something like this will take a long time, also in order to eventually jump at the right time with the available modern production technology. At the same time, Nvidia is not afraid of leaking “secret” information about its own graphics chips or other hardware. He has been sharing roadmaps and upcoming products with Intel for quite some time, even before they are released to the public.

The same approach Nvidia is needed in the case of AMD, with which it competes in the field of graphics cards. For powerful systems, DGX needs AMD processors and in HGX it needs processors from Intel and the like. In short, although there are competitors in some areas and partners in others.

Intel’s approach to collaboration and business models is changing rapidly with new boss Pat Gelsinger. And while Intel lags behind TSMC in manufacturing technology, this approach could gradually compete as it gains more and more partners for new giant efficient factories that it would not use on its own.

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