GC “National Telematic Systems” was transformed into the concern “Telematics”

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The Russian developer of ITS “National Telematic Systems” (NTS) announced the completion of the main stages of corporate restructuring of the business. Together with structural changes – the introduction of a corporate management system, a rebranding was carried out, which more accurately reflects the current extensive activities of the organizations that are part of the concern.

LLC “National Telematic Systems” was established in 2015 and since its inception has gone a long way from the formation of a small association to the transformation into a large full-cycle industrial concern. New strategic directions were opened in international markets and a number of projects were implemented in the countries of the EAEU, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Today, the Telematics concern unites dozens of companies that cover all stages of the development and production of products and the creation of intelligent solutions for road and rail transport. During the work, more than 1.5 thousand projects were implemented.

The group includes high-tech own research laboratories, test sites, production sites for microelectronic products and equipment for smart road infrastructure, development centers, integration and service divisions.

“Under the new brand, the company will continue the introduction of intelligent transport systems both in Russia and expansion in foreign markets. We are open to the development of new directions and invite market participants for partnership cooperation,” the press service of the Telematics concern noted.

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