Geekbench measures the same meter. He removed the scores of the Galaxy S10 series and newer Samsungs from his tables

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Last week, information was leaked to the public regarding the GOS (Game Optimization Service) service, which specifically limits graphics performance for the Galaxy S22 series, but also for older top models. Although the manufacturer does this in order to heat up the chipset as little as possible, it was still not transparent to users, and is therefore preparing a remedy that should arrive on the phones very soon.

Because Samsung uses a list for GOS to sort games (with fixed or blocked optimization) and applications, the popular Geekbench benchmark evaluated it as a form of possible manipulation of results. This is from the point of view that games have a targeted reduction in performance, while the benchmark is not affected by this practice. Geekbench therefore proceeded to remove all scores from its own database.

Samsung’s Esek series from Geekbench are gone. For the Note10 and Note20 series, score manipulations were not confirmed.

And this applies not only to the current Galaxy S22 series, but also to the older Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S10 model series! According to Samsung, it has been using the GOS service in the Galaxy series since 2016, in any case, the Galaxy S22 service slows down the graphics adapter service “preventively” quite significantly, thanks to which Samsung was caught on plums. Of course, performance optimization is not a bad thing, but the manufacturer can’t do it in secret. Users must have control over optimization.

This is not the first time among smartphones that OnePlus was convicted of similar practices last year, which used a similar “optimization list” for 300 selected applications. And the scores of the convicted OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro models disappeared from the Geekbench database. We also remember Apple, which in 2017 purposefully slowed down older iPhones, due to batteries that had reduced capacity after years.

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