GeekSpace completely transferred the workflow of the Altai road construction company to the 1C: Document Management CORP platform

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IT company GeekSpace completely automated the workflow process of the road construction organization of the Altai Territory – DSU-4 LLC in two months. This was reported to CNews by representatives of GeekSpace.

DSU-4 LLC, which maintains about 30 construction sites throughout the Altai Territory, faced the fact that the electronic document management, which was carried out on the basis of 1C: PROF Document Management, does not meet the current tasks. The company has a question about how to improve the efficiency of electronic document management, get away from paper documents and systematize all movements (accounts, memos, letters, orders, etc.) for each object as much as possible. With this request, LLC “DSU-4” turned to its partners – the IT company GeekSpase.

As a result of the audit of the enterprise information system, GeekSpace specialists decided to upgrade to “1C: Document Management CORP”. One of the main tasks was the ability to work in IS from anywhere in the world, or at least the Altai Territory. Therefore, the issue of secure access to the information system from mobile devices using a VPN with access restriction was resolved. Templates of documents and business processes were set up.

According to GeekSpace project manager Sergei Tsybantsev, the fundamental difference from the previous scheme of work was the appearance in the information system of the so-called “complex process”, which combined the processes “Agree”, “Approve” and “Execute” into one. “Now, based on the input data, the system itself determines which approval route to carry out the document. During the implementation of the project, a task arose that required setting up the “Projects” module for the construction organization in order to understand which construction object certain costs, documents and orders belong to. Conditions for the “Objects” themselves have also been added. On the one hand, responsible employees with their own competencies are assigned to each project, on the other hand, primary documents. Thanks to this approach, the document approval process has accelerated, the problem with documents “lost” in the process of moving “from hand to hand” has gone away.

According to the assistant head of DSU-4 LLC Svetlana Shinkova, the efficiency of working with documents in the new information system has increased significantly. “We endlessly wasted paper reprinting contracts with revisions from each division. You understand that in today’s conditions, saving on such consumables is a significant help for any organization. Just compare – before implementation, the contract was agreed upon for at least a week! Now, one or two days are enough,” said a representative of DSU-4 LLC.

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Head of the supply department of DSU-4 LLC Vyacheslav Pastukhov noted that the know-how for their organization was the mobile version of the new information system: “This technology has greatly simplified our work. Wherever the employee is, you can familiarize yourself with the document and agree on it. Again, it is now much easier to get an executive visa.”

The company’s investments for the project implementation amounted to about half a million rubles. While it is difficult for DSU-4 LLC to assess the effectiveness of implementation – the economic benefits will be calculated at the end of 2022. But even now it can be argued that many of the tasks facing the largest enterprise in the road construction industry of the region have begun to be solved much faster and more efficiently.

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